coheed countdown 2

Remember that exciting and mysterious countdown that popped up last night on Coheed and Cambria‘s website? Well when the clock struck zero, it was replaced with… yet another countdown. Cool.

This time, the band’s official site is requesting telephone numbers with a countdown ticking away until Monday, May 12th, at 01:00 pm, EST. An hour before the timer ends (at 12 am EST, of course), those who have entered their number will receive a phone call (presumably — the site reads, “when it rings, will you answer?“) concerning special information and early access. What?!

The site also reads US and Canada only, and with the second part of their epic double album The Afterman being released only last year, it’s likely too soon for an album announcement. The band have had some time off due to not one but TWO births within the Coheed extended family, so my money’s on a huge North American tour.

Efforts to put my own number into the website only ends in an error page — probably due to the amount of traffic — but hopefully your luck is better than mine. If you’re only passively interested or don’t plan on picking up the phone that day, check back here on Monday for more.

– JR

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