2014 seems well on its way to be the year of death metal and all its subsidiaries: releases already range from blackened to technical and melodic subgenres. Even the Gothenburg style, thought to be somewhat dormant, seems to be reawakening with At the Gates‘ release looming over the horizon. Next month, its thrash’s turn, as Wretched release their fourth album, Cannibal. Wretched are already well known in the genre, with their last album confirming their status as a top notch band. To prepare us all for the upcoming onslaught, the band has released not one but two tracks!  You can check both of them out after the jump.



Its apparent that Wretched are looking to capitalize on their established name and push the dial up one or two notches. ‘Morsel‘ is especially colored with unstoppable ferocity and a searing solo that leaves one itching for more. Even more pleasing, the production sounds great, especially on the vocal front. Adam Cody sounds absolutely brutal, whether high or low. We’ll keep updating you as the release date draws near. We’re also sure to review this destructive release once it arrives so stay tuned!


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