Son of Aurelius
After an arduous wait, Son Of Aurelius have finally graced with us with new music in the form of ‘Clouded Planes’, the first track to be released from their incoming sophomore album, Under A Western Sun, due June 3rd. Their debut full length The Farthest Reaches was a sleeper hit around these parts but since then there has been a lot of exquisite technical death metal released. Thankfully, this Californian contingent have reassured us that they are still very much relevant. ‘Clouded Panes’ is a bit of a fresh start with the band swaying closer toward the progressive end of the spectrum than before.

If you like your metal unpredictable without being erratic but still hard-hitting and forward thinking, look no further. Just click the link and enjoy the vibrant lead work, cultured bass and delicate shifts between sweeping guitars and horn raising galloping. The clean vocals are a new aspect to the Son Of Aurelius repertoire but one has to wonder where they have been hiding them? Riley McShane utilizes exemplary skill to showcase his death metal voice alongside some soaring clean passages. Much like Cynic and The Faceless, the balance of clean and dirty here is carefully considered but is probably still enough to alienate a fan here or there.

Get over to MetalSucks and check out the premiere before moving yourself onto getting a pre-order of Under A Western Sun (side-note: the band recorded, financed and produced this album all by their lonesome, admirable today what with crowd-funding campaigns coming out left, right and centre). You might end up feeling pretty aloof if you let this one pass by.


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