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Volumes are nearing the release of their sophomore full-length record, which is seemingly overdue — outside of a new single last year, we haven’t heard music from the group since 2011 — and have shared a teaser video showcasing samples of new material. The album, titled No Sleep,  will evidently take Volumes in a markedly different direction. The teaser focuses heavily on clean vocals and bright melodies, which is something that Volumes have only started hinting at on their debut, Via. Check out the video below to hear for yourself.


Sounds a lot like Periphery, and while the new dynamic in the vocal performance is much needed, there’s some gratuitous pitch correction going on. I’m not offended at all by what I’m hearing though, and I expect No Sleep to be at least a fun listen. Of course, this all remains to be seen, and a minute and a half of samples is by no means a measure of quality or an adequate representation of the entire record.

No Sleep will be out in July through Mediaskare Records, but a new single will be made available in May.

– JR


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