Earlier this month, Anathema announced their highly anticipated, upcoming album ‘distant satellites’. Ever since then, the hype has slowly been building. Anathema’s last album, ‘Weather Systems was a masterpiece of alternative rock, drawing strength from their long gestation into what they currently are: emotional alternative rock, filtering with poppy influences.

Judging from new material released a few days ago, a mere snippet of a song called ‘The Lost Song’, it seems as if the same theme and tone will dictate the next release as well. We have little to go on but the production and arrangement sound much the same, featuring the intensely emotional vocals of the last release. Check it out below:


To us, this sounds great. If ‘distant satellites’ holds even a fraction of the band’s previous genius, we are set for a stunning release. Knowing the band however, we trust we are in for something exceeding all our expectations. More details as we near the release date.



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