wovenhand - refractory obdurate

Trading in meditative and experimental bluesy folk for fuzzy post-punk is a bit of a stark exchange to see in a band, but it’s one that makes some sense given that it’s been hinted at for years. Wovenhand‘s new album Refractory Obdurate promises to be an electrified bombastic rock record packed with hazy atmospheres and upbeat punk rhythms.

The album’s first unveiled track ‘Hiss threw me off when it was made available, and now the second stream ‘Good Shepherd’courtesy of Vice’s Noisey — continues the trend, giving ‘Hiss’ a bit of context on how the David Eugene Edwards project was shaping up this time around. It’s also starting to make sense why the album is being released on Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish Inc.

Refractory Obdurate will be out April 29th. Pre-orders are available now at this location.

– JR

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