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What’s that, dear readers? The hype train on the upcoming Ziltoid record is not going fast enough for you? Well, hold on to your seats boys and girls, because it seems that the album now has a massive tentative tracklist.

As we reported in the past, the upcoming Ziltoid record will be a double record, with the theme being “Ziltoid against the world”. With track names such as ‘War Princess’, ‘Midnight Sun’ and ‘EARTH’the already likely scenario of a ridiculously epic space opera is now even more tangible. Album of the year speculations have already been flying left and right among staff members and it’s certain that no hand remains un-clenched with expectation. As always, expect more details whenever Devy graces us with another morsel from his hands.

We’ll leave you with the latest from Devy, below:

Yeeessssss! Z2 is starting to come together! The theme of the double album is Ziltoid versus the DTP, with both getting their own album. Here are the tentative song titles!


Ziltoidian Overture
From Sleep Awake
War Princess
March Of The Poozers
Silent Militia
Ziltoid Goes Home
Dimension Z


Warrior Way
Midnight Sun
Offer Your Light
Rain City
Farther On



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