as i lay dying

People have been doing a whole lot of speculating as of late in regards to the status of As I Lay Dying, who have been in a bit of a limbo after Tim Lambesis’ public arrest and trial. It also doesn’t help that members of As I Lay Dying have been not-so-subtly teasing a new project, allegedly by the name Worshipper. Given this new surge of interest and activity, the group issued an update via their official website, alluding to Tim’s activity, faith (or lack thereof?), and the group’s new project.

The post is fairly long, but here are the highlights:

  • Essentially, As I Lay Dying is Tim Lambesis and Jordan Mancino (drums).
  • In 2013, Tim was an atheist. Now, he has repented and is a “follower of Jesus.”
  • As I Lay Dying may come back when Tim is ready, but he is not interested in pursuing live music full time regardless of his length of sentence.
  • Jordan and the three former members of the most recent As I Lay Dying lineup are involved in a new project, which will feature Oh, Sleeper‘s Shane Blay.
  • The band are signed to Metal Blade, and is described as being more “radio friendly.”
  • “AILD is sleeping rather than dead, and there are two separate projects to hold you over whether or not it is awakened again.”

So that’s that, then. You can get further details at this location.

As far as the group that may or may not me called Worshipper, be on the look out for more signs of life soon.

– JR


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