chronographs losing light

Chronographs, the tech-minded UK outfit who you may remember from last year’s brilliant Nausea, have returned with a brand new track by the name of ‘Losing Light‘. They’ve been teasing it for a while now and, by all accounts, they promised something very different than what they’ve been known for.

Naturally, ‘Losing Light‘ is precisely that — gone are the tight meanderings and crushing and driving distorted riffage that they once wielded, replaced by a sound that is all the more loose and free. It’s a contrast indeed, but the identity they had before is still there, presenting itself now in a more mature and subtle way, through a selection of off-kilter and infectious post-hardcore riffs. Check it out:


My knowledge of this style is fairly limited, but I can easily hear some At The Drive In and Thrice influences shining through, which bodes well. So, if that’s your garb then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this lot, especially since they promise more new music in April. Plus, what’s more interesting than a band that’s willing to build from the bottom up all over again to find what they really want to play?

– DL

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