This is the year of Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal. With At the Gates, one of the founders of the genre, announcing both an album and a tour, fans are already frothing at the lip with expectation. It now appears that more good news is coming our way: Solution .45, the guitar driven, melodic death super group, have recently announced that they will be releasing not one but two albums this year.

These records will be recorded at the same time and then released with a few months gap in between. In addition, lyrics will be written by Christian Alvestam himself, of former Scar Symmetry fame.  In addition, drums are set to be recorded at the Dug Out, helmed by none other than Daniel Bergstrand, who has Meshuggah and Soilwork under his belt. Although some eyebrows have been raised as to the decision, and current fad in the melodic death community, to record two albums at the same time, there is little doubt that we will receive nothing but fury from these veteran musicians. Color us excited.



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