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After some cryptic teasers that more that subtly hinted at a new album, At The Gates have officially confirmed their new album plans by announcing that they’ve signed to Century Media Records. At War With Reality, their first album in nearly 20 years, will be out this year!

The press release, which was sent out this morning, says:

Seminal Swedish metallers AT THE GATES are back! Following the heat of an ample and highly praised live-reunion, the pioneers of the “Gothenburg style” melodic death metal sound have announced that they are working on a comeback studio album with the classic line-up of their latest masterpiece effort from 1995, Slaughter Of The Soul, expected to be released worldwide by the end of 2014 via their new label partner Century Media Records.

AT THE GATES checked in with the following comment statement:

“So, here we are almost 24 years since the birth of AT THE GATES, and some 18+ years since our latest album ‘Slaughter Of The Soul‘. A lot of years have passed and we have embarked on some life-changing reunion tours and shows the last couple of years.

So, why make a new album you might ask, and why now? Well, what we learned from the last couple of years hanging out and playing shows together, is that we enjoy what we do to the fullest extent. We love playing music together, and we love to hang out as friends. But, as a musician, we constantly write new music. It’s a huge part of our identities.

We are fully aware that we have made some very drastic statements in interviews as well as the closing words on the DVD about the longevity of AT THE GATES, but things change, situations change and people change. When Anders sent the first song last summer, we had zero expectations of the outcome. We only knew one thing – That it sounded amazing! At the time we weren’t even sure there would be an album, but as things progressed, more songs came into existence, and we knew we were on to something great.

We know you are all curious about the new material, and to make a simple explanation of where we are at musically, we would describe it as a perfect mix between early AT THE GATES & ‘Slaughter of the Soul‘-era AT THE GATES, trying to maintain the legacy and the history.

We chose Century Media as a worldwide partner for the upcoming album. We have all been friends for years with people at the label. Jonas & Anders have a history with THE HAUNTED there (as well as Adrian with PARADISE LOST).

So, we hope to bring you updates about the progress of the new album soon. The plan is to record the album in June/July with a tentative release in October / November of 2014 on Century Media Records.”

AT THE GATES, January 27, 2014

Century Media Records added: “We are extremely proud and super excited to have teamed up with one of the most legendary and influential bands in metal. AT THE GATES have not only been a staff favourite since their very inception, but also a group of members that we individually like, respect and are always glad to support. As the reunion shows of the recent years have demonstrated, AT THE GATES are currently on top of their game and more relevant than ever before within and for the metal scene of these days. We truly look forward to pushing AT THE GATES to new heights with their new album ‘At War With Reality‘. Let’s…GO!!!””

Fantastic news! Given Anders Bjorler’s recent forray into progressive instrumental metal (below), it’s clear he’s got what it takes to write interesting music and great melodies. Hopefully he’ll use that aspect of his musical interest to beef up At The Gates’ sound to something more risky and forward-thinking. Over the years, countless bands have aped their sound, and while picking up where they left off wouldn’t be a bad thing, I want new At The Gates to be as innovative as it was back then.

I mean, can you imagine an At the Gates album that uses ambiance, progressive song structures, and jazz influence? Here’s a cut from his recent solo album:


Of course, as former contributor Evan Clark says, “You can almost 100% guarantee that it will do none of those things.” Still, a boy can dream. No matter what happens though, we’re grateful for the group’s return. Fingers crossed!

– JR


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