trypticon breathing

We haven’t heard anything from Triptykon, the death/doom behemoth formed by Tom G. Warrior from the ashes of his legendary band, Celtic Frost, since their 2010 debut Eparistera Daimones, which was met with much critical acclaim, and rightly so. The band has remained relatively silent over the past couple years, though they’ve posted updates from time to time on their Facebook page saying they were working on a second album. Well, details from their forthcoming album, Melana Chasmata, have finally been revealed, and the band has also released two gargantuan cuts from the album that simply must be heard. Listen after the jump.


The first of the two songs, ‘Breathing,’ is a hulking beast of a tune, and demands a sweaty headbanging session. It is full of absolutely killer riffs and is very reminiscent of the more thrash-based approach from Warrior’s early Celtic Frost days. The second track, ‘Boleskine House‘, is very different from the first, but just as heavy nonetheless. Judging from these first two songs, it really sounds like Triptykon are going to take the metal world by storm with this second album.

Melana Chasmata is set to be released April 15 via Century Media. Pre-orders are available here.

– AL

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