xibalba suburban scum

Little known fact since I don’t like to talk about my personal life: I work with children with behavioral issues in an alternative school, and it’s a stressful job. Today I’ve had to break up two fights today alone, which makes metal and hardcore quite the much needed escape. When I need some ignorant hate mosh, I find comfort in bands like Xibalba and Suburban Scum, who always seem to stay angry, seemingly for my benefit. The two, who have repeatedly toured together in the past, are pairing up for a new 12″ LP for release this Spring, and we’ve got some tracks from the split worthy of putting another hole in the wall.

You can stream the tracks ‘Death Threat’ and ‘Misery Loves Company‘ from Xibalba and Suburban Scum respectively below.



The split is, unfortunately, two months off from release. We’ll get more May 13th via Closed Casket Activities.

– JR


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