red fang no hope

So, Red Fang have been a band to take things seriously, this is evident and smart people would agree. But I can’t say I was expecting this new playthrough video for ‘No Hope‘ that finds the band playing on a collection of ‘instruments’ including rubber chickens, crutches, Guitar Hero guitars and more. Just see it for yourself so you know I’m lying:


The video comes courtesy of Gear Gods, which is kind of strange considering there is zero gear to be seen in the video, but nevermind.

Apparently though, that’s not the only thing the band have been up to, following their return from Switzerland to work alongside Coilguns. As the band have covered Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love‘ for a compilation entitled Fools Rush In. More details are available here.

[-via The PRP]

– DL


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