corrupt moral altar

There’s a big list next to my mess of a desk, entitled ‘Bands To Write About, You Lazy Dick’, and right at the top, in red biro and circled is Corrupt Moral Altar. This Liverpudlian sludge quartet made some filthy waves with the release of their Whiskey Sierra EP last year, combining obscenely heavy riffs with a penchant for spontaneously tearing into vicious blastbeats and gang shouts. It’s heavy, it’s dark and it’s sludgy and now their brilliance has been noticed by none other than Season Of Mist.

The band have apparently finished work on a full length record, set for release later this year through the aforementioned label. Issuing the following statement:

“It’s been an accomplishment for us to complete the recording of our debut album and work with people that we never thought we’d have the opportunity to create music with, and it’s an honour to sign with Season of Mist and to be part of such an eclectic label and team. We would like to take this opportunity to issue a formal volume warning with our forthcoming album, and CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR takes no responsibility for the end of the world.”

However, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of having your eardrums viscerally massaged by Whiskey Sierra then you check it out over at their Bandcamp page or watch the video below:


– DL


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