black crown initiate

One of the biggest surprises of 2013 was a little EP entitled Song Of The Crippled Bull, by a brand new act named Black Crown Initiate. It turned many a head with it’s tasteful mix of progressive elements and death metal that is often described as the half way point between 7 Horns 7 Eyes and Opeth and it looks like they’re set to do the same with a newly expanded line up and the ever looming promise of fresh material. And thanks to a recent performance at the Saint Vitus Bar, we can already get a taste of what I am pretty sure is a new song.

First of, I don’t want to be seen as undercutting anyone so I’ll just quickly explain: this video belongs to Frank Huang, whom you may have heard of from his brilliant work under Pit Full Of Shit with Metal Injection. I stumbled upon it, fresh from an upload about a half hour before, when the band mentioned on their Facebook page that they had played a new track live and wondered whether anyone had caught some live footage.

So apologies out the way with, listen to this crushing and sweeping mid-tempo stomp — the sound is surprisingly clear and it all bodes well for upcoming lot.


And if you haven’t heard Song Of The Crippled Bull yet, remedy that.

– DL


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