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It’s pretty obvious that anyone who can make head and tail of the world of War From A Harlot’s Mouth is going to put The Ocean Collective‘s future in good hands, but it’s always good to have proof. So, here’s Paul Seidal, new drummer of The Ocean, giving us a playthrough of ‘Bathyalpelagic III: Disequilibrated‘ from last year’s brilliant Pelagial.


Naturally, Seidal tears through without looking like he’s so much as breaking a sweat so it’s fair to assume the drum stool is in safe hands.

Alongside this, the band recently released an update detailing their recent experience playing together, stating:

The last few rehearsals with our new guys Damo and Paul have felt really good. Worked on a lot of details we had never even paid attention to before, but which now make everything sound better than ever before. Tweaked amp sounds, played songs clean, then cranked up distortion, had good food and longs talks.. all equally important. Things are coming together the right way, we’re stoked to get on the road next Friday. Yes!

So, if you have the chance, don’t miss out on seeing this.

– DL


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