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So here’s your daily dose of ‘what the hell’, with French grinding death metal outfit Benighted explaining how they had their Facebook page deleted, due entirely to the contents of the cover of their new album, Carnivore Sublime. Vocalist Julian Truchan regales us with this tale of love, betrayal, breasts and Mickey Mouse. And, needless to say, it’s pretty funny:

“We received a warning, when we displayed our new album cover for the first time. We reacted and removed it. Afterwards the problem seemed to be those links that other people sent to our Facebook page displaying our cover. We thought, we could avoid the problem by hiding the offending nipple behind the face of a certain famous cartoon mouse. Apparently this wasn’t enough or not what they wanted, because this let to our Facebook page finally being deleted despite our appeal. It seems a cartoon mouse on a nipple is even more offending than a nipple alone. We were shocked to learn that not only our page was removed, but several event pages including Benighted were closed down at the same time. We are sorry to learn that the affected promoters had to create new pages. At the same time we are glad to have experienced so much support and understanding. Thank you all for your great support!”

So, there you have it. Regardless of my own thoughts about how insane it is that people lose their minds over a nipple, any publicity is good publicity, so make sure you check out Carnivore Sublime because it’s way more than just an outrageously offensive cover. It’s also some pretty top-notch music too.


The video is slightly NSFW, but I don’t have time to paste Mickey Mouses face over anything.

– DL

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