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The hype machine carrying the new Animals As Leaders album is in full swing now. Since the announcement of The Joy Of Motion late last week, we haven’t had to wait long for our first taste of new music that has come in the form of a track entitled ‘Tooth And Claw‘. And it’s definitely an interesting choice to open with, see for yourself:


There’s no denying this is great, if you’re a previous fan you’ll be saying the same by the time you experience that smooth and tasteful noodling that occupies much of the latter half of the track. But the first half is really quite different from much of what we’ve heard from them before, drawing plenty of comparisons to Veil Of Maya and the like. Either way, I’m sure there’ll be some strong opinions on this one and they’ll be pretty interesting to read.

The Joy Of Motion will be available from the 25th of March through Summerman Records.

– DL


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