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We’ve known for a while now that the new Animals as Leaders record was done and pending release. Just this week, a supposed new track from the band ‘Lippencott‘ leaked online without known origin or explanation and was nearly immediately hunted down and removed from most locations by the band’s management. It’s not exactly hard to find, but in case you’re having trouble and missed it, don’t fret. We’ll be getting new music sooner rather than later, as the band have just announced a few details surrounding their third release, The Joy Of Motion.

The above image was uploaded to the band’s Facebook, confirming the new album title and a release date of March 25th, presumably featuring the album artwork as well.

The band also posted a short teaser of new music, which you can hear below.


This is already sounding like the band’s most mature and balanced work to date. To me, it sounds like they tracked bass for the record between the leaked track and the teaser. I sure hope that’s the case. The expanded sonic palette could do the already stellar band some good. Nothing wrong with new tones and dynamic!

Pre-orders are expected to be rolled out soon, and hopefully there will be some new music to come with them.

– JR

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