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Following the recent reformation of these post-hardcore legendsThe Fall Of Troy have announced their plans to take a record-label-free route, that lies somewhere between crowd-funding and D.I.Y. It’s a little vague at the time of writing as their original plan for a incrementally unveiling the standard ‘tiered’ donation sets has been revoked in favour of presenting them all together some time in the near future, but through some of the posts on their Facebook page, you can start to get an idea of what they’re aiming for:

We lost our love for this band in the first place cause there was too many X-Factors keeping us from just making the crazy, fun, exciting music that we adored in the first place. There is going to be some things that aren’t “the best looking website” or, “The most professional” grand, and flashy things as many bands have. But here’s the deal.

It’s gonna be from us, be real, and be honest. If you wanna donate to help us keep TFoT active, this is the way we have formulated to do it, there’s no scams, no hidden agendas, nothing but love for this band, and love for you guys. It’s up to all of you how much we are gonna end up doing this year and be able to do.

Anything donated will go solely to creating new music, DVD’s, show expenses, and other awesome things we hope to be able to do. We’re so glad to be friends again, and to be playing music together again. We’re also so flattered you guys care at all… We’ll keep playing in a storage shed if that’s what’s in store for us, this is just our D.I.Y. way of trying to share as much of this band as we can with all of you.


The official site linked to is located here and as suggested by the post, it’s a little bare-bones at the moment. Time will probably reveal more, but the real juicy morsel comes right at the beginning of the post explaining their intentions:

We want to make a new album and play shows whenever possible for the 3 of us to do so. We’re trying to do something different, and do this with just us, and you guys.

So new material is definitely on the table, they may also be using this as a platform to gauge interest in the project which I guess makes sense — they’ve been away for quite a while.Regardless, get hype.


– DL


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