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Rumblings began over the weekend after the Facebook page of long-defunct post-hardcore legends The Fall Of Troy began to stir. After a couple of nondescript teases, the band finally unveiled their plans to reunite for three shows in Austin, Texas, playing each of their first three albums in full, this coming December with the following statement:

Well well well… How is everyone? We know it has been quite some time since you’ve heard from us… But we agree it’s about time we get together and play some of these songs that mean the world to us, and invite anyone who wants to come.

We will be performing at Red 7 in Austin, TX on Decrmber 27th, 28th, and 29th.

To whom it may concern :

The line-up will be as follows.

(December 27th – “Self-Titled” performed in it’s entirety)
(December 28th – “Doppelgänger” performed in it’s entirety)
(December 29th – “Manipulator” performed in iTMS entirety)

V.I.P. packages available through Red 7 in Austin, TX on Dec. 25 (limited!)

We love you all, we really hope that you come out and celebrate what should be 3 very special nights.


Tim, Thomas, and Andrew


Hopefully, this isn’t the last we hear from the band, however with the announcement earlier this year that guitarist/vocalist Thomas Erak has joined Chiodos, you have to wonder how busy he’s going to be. Regardless, if you’re in Texas, you’d be a mug to miss this. But I do have to ask, what’s so great about dumb old texas? No Euro tour? I can dream, can’t I?!

In the meantime:


– DL

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