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The subject of much scorn at shows — the smartphone. For me, it’s not my thing but it’s also not that big of a deal either. You paid for the gig, as long as you’re not being a dick then enjoy it however you want (I draw the line at tablets though, that’s just obnoxious).

Regardless, it must be a bit weird for the band and The Monolith Deathcult have taken note of this, providing the new mantra; ‘if you can’t beat them, exploit them’. The group have decided to put together a ‘tour video’ of their upcoming UK, comprised entirely of smartphone footage. The post reads:

Lately it has come to our attention that during shows, people are busier filming with their smartphones than actually watching the show. This is why we have hatched a cunning plan to exploit you all. Everyone visiting one of our UK shows in two weeks are asked to film 1 or 2 songs using your smartphone/camera. We’ll put together an upload location so we can edit it together in one massive crowd-filmed tour video.
What’s in it for you? Well, your name will be credited in the film and of course during the tour we’ll be more than happy to give some lectures about water management and how to heighten dikes.
Our set list and where we want you to film which song:

1. Todesnacht von Stammheim (Brighton, Dundee)
2. I Spew Thee Out Of My Mouth (Birmingham, London)
3. S.A.D.M. (Liverpool, Norwich)
4. Kindertodeslied (Brighton, Dundee)
5. Den Ensomme Nordens Dronning (Birmingham, London)
6. Qasr-Al Nihaya (Liverpool, Norwich)
7. Wrath of The Ba’ath (Brighton, Dundee)
8. H.W.A (Birmingham, London)
9. Gods Amongst Insects (Encore – All)


If you haven’t noticed just yet, The Monolith Deathcult have one of the best sense of humour around, but beyond a funny look at how people enjoy shows these days, this is a pretty great idea. People would record the shows anyway and upload it to rot on YouTube, so why not crowd-source and make something more worthwhile out of it? At the very least, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


– DL


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