aeolist drum playthrough

Aeolist completely blew us away last year with the release of their first EP. So much so, that we couldn’t resist inviting them to be a part of our first free compilation album. More recently, drummer Toby Mills has upload a drum playthrough of ‘III‘, the third track of the four song EP. You can check it out below!


I had a chance to talk with Toby about the chance of hearing some new music soon, and he said that all they know is that it will be a full length. Vague? Yes. Promising? Absolutely. A full length is what these guys need, and I know they’ll deliver something great. Meantime, keep you ear close to the ground, as the band has some tour info coming out very soon that we can’t disclose with you now. So give them a like on Facebook and be sure to pick up their EP and support!



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