Pathology kickstarter

Pathology, the band that cannot be stopped from releasing one new album every single year, are eyeing up plans for a new record in 2014. Unlike previous outings however, that saw the band release through both the blood-splattered hands of Sevared Records and the glitter-sparkled gnarled claws of Victory Records, they’ve decided to go it alone and self-release the new record through the help of Kickstarter.

The campaign is available to view here and it’s a fairly standard affair. Up for grabs are t-shirts, stickers posters, drum sticks, guitar picks, as well as a copy of the album available for $11 — fair price, I’d say.

As of writing, they’re just over a third of the way to meeting to their $4000 goal, but they’ve already began to unveil some important information concerning the release of the record, stating that they will be once again working with Par Olofsson and that the record will be available from the 5th of August. So, go and throw some money at them if you enjoy your slams sleek and relentless.


– DL


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