For those looking to scratch that stoner/sludge itch, you’re in luck: H A R K debuted the first track from their highly-anticipated forthcoming album Crystalline, entitled ‘Palendromeda’, and man, does it rule. Go give it a spin over at Terrorizer right stinkin’ now.

H A R K was formed from the remnants of a little Welsh band called Taint by frontman Jimbob Issac. Taint were a criminally underrated stoner/sludge metal band who, as far as I’m concerned, still remain one of the best of the genre, and I’m stoked that Jimbob decided to start H A R K after Taint broke up. H A R K released the fantastic two-song EP Mythopoeia back in 2012, and has been hard at work on the material for Crystalline ever since. They signed to Season of Mist sometime last year; a smart move on SOM’s part, if I do say so myself. This new song sounds like Led Zeppelin meets Red Fang, and it is delectable. It also doesn’t hurt that the legendary Kurt Ballou mixed this beast. This is easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year, and I can’t wait to hear more from it.

Crystalline is due out on March 18 via Season of Mist.

Oh, and one more fun fact about H A R K/ Taint mastermind Jimbob Issac: in addition to being a badass musician, the dude’s a really talented artist as well. Check out some of his work here.

– AL


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