Artifical Brain - Worm harvester

Artificial Brain are an old school death metal band featuring  Dan Gargiulo of Revocation on guitars. Their brand of metal is pretty far away from Revocation though; they embrace a grimy, ugly sound akin to the legendary Demilich. Excited yet? Well they have two tracks available for you to feast your ears with.

They have a debut album titled Labyrinth Constellation coming up on the 18th February via Profound Lore Records, and they’ve made a track named ‘Worm Harvester’ available for streaming on Pitchfork. Also, they have another track named ‘Absorbing Black Ignition’ which you can listen to right here:


Don’t get me wrong, I love techy shiny death metal (I really dig the Alterbeast track we posted yesterday), but I’ve been missing the fuzzier, more textured production of old death metal. Artificial Brain scratch that itch very well, and I can’t wait for Labyrinth Constellation.


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