alaya video still

OK, they don’t really. I just had to manhandle the track name into the title somehow and I’m not great at it, if you hadn’t clocked so far.

Being entirely truthful, the new Alaya track is pretty great. When they were first uncovered by Basick Records last year, we praised the band for their obvious penchant for catchy and yet not completely obvious instrumental melodies and frontman Evan Dunn’s huge vocals — with ‘Sleep‘, all those factors are still in play and it all points to their upcoming debut Thrones, set for release on March 17th, being set to continue the basically spotless Basick track record.

The video for the track was debuted this morning with our good friends at Metal Injection! Check it out below:


Thrones was originally set for release last year, but got held up, apparently with some issues with the mixing process. So it’s good to see the band turning it around so quickly, peoples attention spans are so short days that it’s easy to

– DL

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