Not even two weeks into 2014, and there are already a slew of sure-to-be fantastic metal releases in the near horizon. One of these is the new album from French deathgrind sickos BenightedCarnivore Sublime, due out on February 18 via Season of Mist. Their last album, Asylum Cave, is one of my favorites of the genre, and I know that I, for one, have been chomping at the bit to hear new material from these guys. Well, my wish has finally been fulfilled! Benighted has released a new music video for ‘Experience Your Flesh’, a brand-spankin’ new, wicked cut off of Carnivore Sublime, and boy, does it rule. Give it a whirl after the jump, and prepare for some brutal groove at it’s very finest. Be warned; it is slightly NSFW.


The thing that makes Benighted so great is their unpredictability. Sure, there are the trademark pig squeals (which vocalist Julien Truchan is waaaaay too good at) and crushing death metal riffage, but there are several unexpected twists and turns throughout the song, along with an undeniable, headbobbing groove. Above all, Benighted are just so much fun. I seriously cannot wait for this album to drop; for me, it’s already a contender for one of the best of 2014.

– AL

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