Yes, we’re still playing catch-up from our two week holiday! Good for us because we’ve been able to schedule at least a full day a week in advance, which has never happened before. Don’t procrastinate, kids! Work through the holiday!

Over the break, the much raved about grindcore group Gridlink unveiled a new track ‘Ketsui‘ from their forthcoming swan song Longhena. Last year, Altar of Plagues bowed out on a high note with Teethed Glory & Injury, and it looks like Gridlink will be following in suit. The track was initially made available as a part of Handshake Inc / Mutants of the Monster / Alternative Tentacles’ sampler hosted by Invisible Oranges. Of course, the internet moves fast and the track was quickly made available on its own via the YouTube player below:


I’m not sure what it is I’m hearing but I like it. Gridlink have always been on the weirdly catchy side of grind and it’s good that Longhena is going to be just as far-out there as their past material. The album will be available February 19th via Handshake Inc.

– JR

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