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Toronto’s Intervals have garnered a growing buzz since their first EP, 2011’s The Space Between, which was recorded as a solo project from guitarist Aaron Marshall, formerly of Speak Of The Devil. Since then, the group has turned into a full touring band. Not content with just writing instrumental music, the group have angered a bunch of djent nerds by promoting bassist Mike Semesky (ex-Vestascension, ex-The HAARP Machine) to full-time vocalist. Yes, good.

Not to take anything away from Aaron & co, who are extremely talented friends of ours, but Intervals always felt like they were missing something, keeping them out of regular listening rotation and replay value. If the group’s new single ‘Ephemeral‘ is any indication, they’ve found it with Semesky. Dude is easily one of my favorite vocalists, and his glorious hooks have put the new Intervals album A Voice Within (heh) on my list of anticipated albums for 2014. Listen to the track below:


Here’s what Aaron Marshall had to say:

“We’re incredibly excited and proud to announce Mike as the band’s singer. Intervals has always been about open minded, forward thinking, progressive music with no boundaries. It’s also been about staying true to the art we feel compelled to make, and we couldn’t be happier with the dynamic Mike brings to the music. For those who remember, the band put out a feeler for a vocalist with the release of “The Space Between”, but in lieu of finding the right candidate, we decided to move forward with our initial intent: Make music. Mike joined the band as our bass player, but after only a few weeks of touring, it was apparent that this was the chemistry we were after all along. The human voice is an instrument and from our perspective, we are by definition, still an “instrumental” band, now with added dimension and perspective. The band still retains its identity in guitar driven, progressive rock/metal and there’s something on this record for everyone. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support you have all shown us over the past few years and we hope you continue to follow along on this journey we share. This release is our proudest musical accomplishment to date and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

I’m looking at all the comments on Facebook and YouTube, and a lot of people seem upset over this, which I cannot believe. This is easily the coolest song the band have ever released, and I’ve had the song spinning on constant rotation since I first heard it as of writing this post. Of course, I did this post a week ago when the song was first released, but you get the picture. Intervals are on their way to big things.

A Voice Within will be out early this year. No release date yet, but we’ll let you know.

– JR

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