Red Fang & Fred Armisen

With each passing music video, I love Red Fang a little more. If they’re not combating the nerd royalty of LARPers or driving a  car directly into 50 cartons of milk, it’s fighting off hordes of the living dead who seek to sate their unquenchable thirst for beer. Yes, seriously, it’s every bit as great as it sounds.

Head over to Rolling Stone, who are completely winning me over lately, to check it out. If the surging and swaggering stoner rock of the song wasn’t quite enough to grab your attention (seriously, what is wrong with you), then the video definitely will as these guys remain undisputed champions of the music video game. Though, Portlandia’s Fred Armisen landing a cameo in the video doesn’t help with the metal elite and their cries of “HIPSTER!” but maybe that’s the irony? Too meta for me.

– DL


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