frontierer the collapse

Let’s cut to the point: this new EP from Frontierer is, in a sentence, completely off-the wall insane — comprising simply of guitarist Pedram Valiani of Sectioned and vocalist Chad Kapper of A Dark Orbit and When Knives Go Skyward, Frontierer’s debut EP The Collapse charges through 7 tracks in under 13 minutes and takes the gut-wrenching heaviness of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and turns it up to eleven. See for yourself:

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Anyone who is a fan of the sound of guitar strings being torn apart of the seams will easily find something to hold onto here and at the grand old price of ‘pay-what-you-want’ it’s kind of hard to turn down. It’s also one of those odd occasions where the sheer brevity of the tracks works in it’s favour, with the rough two minute marker giving them enough chance to explore some interesting ideas without them wearing out their welcome in anyway — so don’t skip out on this thinking you don’t have time to get into a new release this late in the year.

– DL

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