Torrential Downpour seem to have a handle on creating music that is absolutely off-the-wall insane. Take the propensity for near epileptic fits of mathcore and off-kilter groove and combine with the sound of someone manically jabbing a screwdriver into a synthesizer casing and you’re getting close to the madness that this band conjure with The Phaneron.

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This EP takes ‘Phaneron‘, the track that initially wowed us with this band, and turns it into a 14 minute, 4 part piece complete with not only that manic mathcore that they do so well but also some dark and brooding electronic soundscapes, designed to be listened to in one sitting.

I gave it a full go this morning while waiting for the bus and it’s not often that I can find myself getting pulled into ‘ambient interludes’ and the like, but the push and pull here between the tension building electronics and sudden release when ‘The Phaneron‘ kicks in is pretty much perfect here.

Be on the look out for a full-length, entitled Truth, Knowledge, Vision, some time in 2014.

– DL


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