torrential downpour

Life is full of happy accidents. Recently, upon listening back to Car Bomb‘s most recent spin w^w^^w^w I found myself hankering for something similar but not the same. Where could I find this? Nowhere, it would seem initially. But alas! Watching the recent Metal Sucks and Converse Rubber Tracks feature, some audionoise hit my ears and I scampered immediately to find out where the hell these delightfully chaotic and out-there sounds came from. Torrential Downpour is where they came from, and I am now wet (ahem).

Hailing from New Jersey, this four piece combine elements of math-metal, ambient soundscapes and electronic wizardry to create an aural experience that, honestly, is like no other. These guys totally hit the nail on the head with their unique mix of grooves a second and time signature changes that Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man would find confusing. The utilization of electronics and samples blend so perfectly with the aggressive by nature metal riffs and vocals that it isn’t jarring in the slightest when a riff drops out of the picture to make way for a beautiful vocal hook and vice versa.

Upon going back and checking out their back catalogue of two full lengths (available from the bands’ Bandcamp for free if you see fit) I was more than delighted when MetalSucks recently premiered Torrential Downpours recording from aforementioned MetalSucks/Converse feature. ‘Phaneron’ combines all of the pieces which make TD a class act unto their own, with the excellent production that the guys at the Rubber Tracks delivered. Their new album Truth, Knowledge, Vision is expected early next year and if the rest of it is as solid as this track, end of year lists will already be writing themselves.

Torrential Downpour recently won a spot at the recent Euroblast Festival and are soaking everything in their path at the moment. Check them out on their Facebook page and make sure to check out their biography while you’re at it. If it doesn’t put a smile on your face then nothing will, period.

– MM


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