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john abiotic

In my never ending search for the sickest “Great New Metal” bands, I spend a lot of time on social media, mostly Facebook, talking with and cultivating friendships with musicians in local and regional bands across America and around the world.  John Matos of Miami, Florida’s Abiotic was one such artist until I fired up the Interwebs one day to read that John and his band had been signed to Metal Blade.  Pretty fucking impressive.

In the nearly two years since Slagel’s label released the album Symbiosis, Abiotic (say it Ay-BYE-otic, not Ay-BEE-otic as I too often do) has gone through a lot of lineup changes, specifically involving drummers and vocalists.  But as we discussed during their recent tour through Northern California as the band prepares to record with Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale the Summit) its second Metal Blade release, John now appears to have the team in place he wants to take on the world.

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D’Addario and Planet Waves are joining forces with BANDHAPPY to put on the “Escape from the Studio” tour featuring Periphery, The Contortionist, Intervals, and TOOTHGRINDER. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 18.

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It’s been two weeks since The Contortionist  released their teaser for their upcoming album, Language, and speculation has been running high. With the addition of  Michael Lessard, what direction will the band take for the new album? Will they hark back to the brutality and power of Exoplanet or rather continue the softer approach of Intrinsic? Lessard is more than capable of doing both and so the question remained up in the air. Up until now. You can now stream the first track from the upcoming album, titled “Intuition.” Head over after the jump and so right now.

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Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails


On paper, the brick-wall brutality and chaotic technique of death metal is the antithesis of chilled out ambiance and lush atmospheres. That hasn’t stopped bands from trying to shoehorn the two disparate tones together over the years to varying degrees of success. The idea is becoming easier to execute these days, with modern groups like Ulcerate and Fallujah making like-minded yet differing approaches in letting soundscapes steep between the blistering drums and hulking vocal style of death metal. As opposed to Ulcerate’s more organic use of dynamic shifts to create ominous atmosphere during creeping phases of introspection, Fallujah’s speed rarely ever falters, with huge effects-laden guitar melodies and ambient pads working directly with the mechanically driving forces — something the group has finally mastered with their sophomore album The Flesh Prevails.

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The current juncture between progressive sounds and metal is a joy to the ears. Numerous bands, like The Contortionist, to name one of the more high exposure shifts of the last few years, have been exploring softer, more harmony oriented sounds in conjuncture with their metal. Yesterday, Outrun the Sunlight added on more iteration to this delightful trend by released a single off their upcoming release, Terrapin. That single is ‘Spirit’, and you can listen to it in full right below.

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The Contortionist Language

The Contortionist recently announced that their new album Language will be released on September 16th of this year. Speculations as to the style of the upcoming release are running rampant, including the vocal style and overall direction the band will choose. Will it echo back to the heavier beginnings of Exoplanet or continue the more progressively oriented trend of Intrinsic? In the midst of all of this, we have now been given a brief taste of the album, which you can view after the jump.

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We’ve known for a while now that progressive deathcore ensemble The Contortionist are hard at work on a new album. Following their lineup change, and being an all around diversified and hard to predict band, speculations run high as to the sound they will choose for their third album. Today, a bit more info has reached us as the band announce the release date and the name of the upcoming release. Check out the release below!

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black crown initiate

One of our favorite unsigned acts is no longer unsigned! Pennsylvanian progressive metal outfit Black Crown Initiate have signed a record deal with eOne Music — home to Heavy Blog favorites The Contortionist, Fit For An Autopsy, High on Fire, and more — for worldwide release.

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atheist 2011

Atheist are among one of the elite few that can call themselves progenitors of technical and progressive death metal, but they are quite elusive. Members come and go, leaving the legendary Florida outfit in various states of inactivity. In fact, there’s a good chance that of all the members in the above photo (taken in 2011) besides founding members Kelly Schaefer (vocals, right of center) and drummer Steve Flynn (drums, right) are no longer in the band.

Fortunately, frontman Kelly Schaefer refuses to let the band wither into nothing, and after a much too long wait since their comeback album Jupiter in 2010, Atheist are not only planning a new record, but have tapped producer Jason Suecof (Job For A Cowboy, The Contortionist).

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the room colored charlatan

Nowadays, thanks in no small part to the Internet, distance cannot stop the spread and progression of genres within metal. Today it is more often found that specific record labels come with their own pre requisite sub genre — Deathwish is rife with Entombedcore bands while Sumeriancore has it’s own tag! Subliminal Groove Records’ umbrella of music spreads from Oceania to Russia and back, with their newest release hailing from Indiana in the good ole US. The Room Colored Charlatan explore the cosmos with their own brand of electronic spattered progressive deathcore on Primitives and it definitely deserves its place alongside their current label mates. View Full Article »

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