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paul waggoner btbam interview

Within the realm of progressive metal, North Carolina’s Between the Buried and Me have been one of the biggest and most widely-influential names in the game for the past decade. Their propensities for gigantic and thematic albums paired with unpredictable genre-hopping has undoubtedly left a huge mark on younger bands who are now heavily populating the prog, metalcore, and even djent scenes. Now on the cusp of releasing their seventh LP, Coma Ecliptic, the band is finding their footing as a staple in the genre and is planning on delivering yet another concept album worthy of the classic 70s groups that gave birth to the style. I had a chance to speak with guitarist and founding member Paul Waggoner about the new record, how difficult it is planning sets, musical inspirations, and much more!

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Abiotic – Casuistry


It’s not every week a tech death album comes out (2015 isn’t quite 2014…yet) but this is another that is certain to divide fans. Sticking out from the rest of the pack requires more than just technique, technique which Abiotic spare no time in showcasing on their sophomore Metal Blade release, Casuistry. An all round enjoyable turn from the Florida musicians, Casuistry takes genre preconceptions and runs with them, incorporating some of the rowdier moments of their debut album. The record as a whole however, doesn’t quite know where it sits between the Abiotic of old and new.

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In metal, one of the biggest problems is reaching a new demographic. Can you believe that people are averse to smelly guys screaming at them for extended periods of time? Keep reading if you want six tips to gain a respectable fanbase that isn’t filled with manchildren.

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They may have just gotten off a headlining run across the states just last month, but Indiana’s The Contortionist are showing absolutely no sign of slowing down! While their last tour package was more catered to the extreme metal crowd, this time we’re seeing these guys taking out a much more mellow lineup. Support will come from the instrumental prog-rock group Chon and Canada’s Auras. Click here to check out the dates! View Full Article »


As many of you know, beloved Heavy Blog contributor and well-known metal community member and supporter Brian Shields passed away earlier this year from causes unknown. His impact on our scene is, to be succinct, admirable. He left an incredible impression on many members of the community, even those in well-known bands today, including Between the Buried and Me, Wings Denied, The Faceless, and Sleep Terror.

That’s why as of today, in collaboration with Zach Dresher and Alec Kossoff from Wings Denied, we are launching the Brian Shields Memorial Fund, a crowd funding campaign to help unsigned and lesser known bands go on tour across North America!

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Calling it now—tour of 2015. Between the Buried and Me are wrapping up work on their upcoming album, Coma Ecliptic. Mixed by the legendary Jens Bogren, the 11-track monster will be available via Metal Blade Records on July 7th, 2015.

In support of the soon-to-be-released record, Between the Buried and Me will be going on an extended tour of North America with prog giants Animals as Leaders and The Contortionist during the summer. This follows an already announced smaller run with Chicago’s The Atlas Moth.

Tour dates and Coma Ecliptic information below!

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During his time as weekend editor here, one of the consistently most popular features Brian Shields would run was the What We’re Really Listening To column, which would ask either Heavy Blog staff or musicians to share the music they’ve been jamming the most recently. We’ve decided that it was too fun an idea to not continue, so we’re picking up where he left off. It should come as no surprise that we at HBIH are constantly listening to music, and as an effort to recommend as many quality tunes as possible, here is a glimpse into what has been dominating our playlists for the past week.

For those that would like to participate as well (and please do) can drop a 3X3 in the comments, which can be made with through your account, or create it manually with

Head past the jump to see which records have been receiving regular rotation on our headphones, stereos and turntables:

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The Contortionist are basically unstoppable. Having opened for Periphery in the fall of last year, the band continued to play more shows with Intervals, snagging Polyphia on the way for another set of dates ending in Chicago. All in support of their third album, Language [review], which caused much contention in listeners.

This time around, The Contortionist stopped by Mojoe’s of Joliet with Revocation, who also released a phenomenal album in 2014 [review], Fallujah, who did much the same [review], the always-stellar TOOTHGRINDER, and Chicago locals Oceanwalker.

Please enjoy the photos!

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California Atmospheric Death Metal rising stars Fallujah hope a new record label will help their careers blast off. Details after the break.

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Prog-metal up-and-comers Escher are gearing up for the release of their new EP, The Ground Is Missing, which will be released this Tuesday by Primitive Ways Records. To get everyone ready for their 20-minute onslaught of unpredictability and tight musicianship, they’ve decided to release the opening track ahead of time. Check out ‘The Bog’ below:

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