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Jamie King, best known as Between the Buried and Me‘s producer, is a busy man these days.  He was at the helm for the highly-anticipated (in some circles) Language from The Contortionist, his presence was palpable on the latest Scale the Summit record, and this week Florida’s tech-death favorites in Abiotic are working with him on their second album for Metal Blade.  Studio Update after the jump.

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Your entire Heavy Blog is Heavy staff took Labor Day off (even the ones in countries that think Labor Day is for expectant mothers) so it’s a little surprising how much sick content we rolled out for you this week. We’ll share the good shit after the jump.

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With bands like The Contortionist moving on to lighter territory, and groups like Substructure no longer around, the pickings are slim for anyone who is looking for some decent “space core” in the present day. The Room Colored Charlatan‘s new album contributed significantly towards filling this void, but if you’re still hungry for more then look no further than The Antikythera Mechanism. Sporting a similar sound to the aforementioned bands, this Atlanta, GA based group released a superb EP earlier this year titled ‘Pathos‘. If you’re still reading this then you undoubtedly want to hear it, so here it is:
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When Black Crown Initiate came out of nowhere last year with their EP Song of the Crippled Bull, it was quite clear that they were on to something. The EP was short, but it was a great mix of Opeth-styled progressive death metal done heavier with 8 string guitars and blast beats. When they (yet again, out of nowhere) announced that they’re releasing a full length album this year, it was difficult to not get excited. The band’s debut full length album The Wreckage of Stars is what anyone who listened to the EP would expect as a next step in their sound – an album full of great riffs, memorable lines and heaviness contrasted with calm.

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The Contortionist‘s Language is one of 2014’s most anticipated (and likely controversial) records. The band have ditched the deathcore in favor of post-rock and psychedelic prog, as evidenced by the album’s leading single ‘Language I: Intuition.‘ Now a second official glimpse of the record has been made available in the form of ‘Primordial Sound‘ which continues to paint a picture of Language as being quite the far cry away from Exoplanet.

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Heavy Blog Week in Review

We’re still clearing the room from the wild party we threw this week at Heavy Blog is Heavy World Headquarters to mark our 9,000th Facebook Like. It’s pretty astounding that 9,000 of you motherfuckers like us and of course we like each and every one of you 9,000 times over. More numbers after the break.

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the contortionist language video

With the release of The Contortionist‘s highly anticipated new album Language fast approaching, the group have shared a beautiful new music video for the leading single, ‘Language I: Intuition.’ Presented by Alt Press, you can watch the video after the jump.

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The Contortionist LanguageWith the release date of their new record growing ever closer, you had to figure that The Contortionist would be showing off some studio footage from the recording sessions of Language. We now have that footage (revealed through Gear Gods) which contains recording of guitar and bass parts as well as observation of already completed tracks. If you want to hear a couple new sounds, check out the video after the jump.

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Welcome to the second part in our ongoing series of Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s “Best Of” selections where we explore a genre of music and each of our dedicated authors pick a favorite album to share a personal experience with. For our second round, we have chosen a genre that is somewhat controversial—Progressive Metalcore. It’s controversial in that its boundaries are somewhat unclear and therefore host a slew of different bands under their wings. In addition, the word metalcore itself is enough to set many a mouth foaming.

Harnessing the aggression inherent in metalcore, the progressive end of things seeks to give it a more subtle or varied expression. Taking the normal tools of the trade; breakdowns, harsh vocals and chuggy bass to name a few, the genre further expands on them in many different ways. Sampling, peculiar structures or the introduction of unexpected genres (like jazz for example) seek to modify the basic metalcore formula. The bands on this list excel in fusing the two halves together to create an intriguing, yet still aggressive, whole.

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john abiotic

In my never ending search for the sickest “Great New Metal” bands, I spend a lot of time on social media, mostly Facebook, talking with and cultivating friendships with musicians in local and regional bands across America and around the world.  John Matos of Miami, Florida’s Abiotic was one such artist until I fired up the Interwebs one day to read that John and his band had been signed to Metal Blade.  Pretty fucking impressive.

In the nearly two years since Slagel’s label released the album Symbiosis, Abiotic (say it Ay-BYE-otic, not Ay-BEE-otic as I too often do) has gone through a lot of lineup changes, specifically involving drummers and vocalists.  But as we discussed during their recent tour through Northern California as the band prepares to record with Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale the Summit) its second Metal Blade release, John now appears to have the team in place he wants to take on the world.

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