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Electronic/metal oddity The Algorithm isn’t content with following up a celebrated debut Polymorphic Code with a standard conventional release; the act’s sophomore full-length album OCTOPUS4 will come exclusively to backers for an impending sci-fi shoot-em-up game titled Pirates VS Privateers. Though, it might be a bit hard to get.

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basick discovery

Basick Records are definitely one of the better labels out there right now, especially in terms of forward-thinking progressive metal. Their lineup includes bands such as The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, Dissipate and Glass Cloud, just to give you an idea. Anyways, they’re now doing a new promotion called ‘The Summer Of Discovery’, and it sounds like a pretty good deal.

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Award shows in the metal world, much like lists, are a necessary evil. Nothing quite gets people talking as much as an organisation declaring that something is ‘the best’ in it’s field and, whether it’s civil or not, there’s usually some interesting points raised. So, with that in mind, let’s take a gander at the results of the latest Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, one of the biggest if not the biggest UK metal award show of the year.

First up, congratulations are obviously in order for The Algorithm, winning Best Underground Band — going by their debut Polymorphic Code, released late last year through Basick, they definitely deserve it. Bleed From Within snatched up the award for Best New Band and, while I haven’t got round to checking out their latest Uprising yet, I can get behind that too. Giving Gojira the award for Best Live Band is a no-brainer, on their most recent UK run they blew Ghost off the stage — a band that are widely revered for their live show. Finally, Brian Blessed got the ‘Spirit Of Hammer’ Award. If any of you disagree with that, I don’t even know what is wrong with you.

On the other hand, Black Sabbath‘s 13 winning best album artwork is a little questionable — it’s not bad by any means, but it’s a little straightforward. Also, I have to admit Stone Sour beating out Deftones for Best International Band and Asking Alexandria nixing Kvelertak in Best Breakthrough Band irked me a bit.

You can read the full list after the jump, courtesy of the omniscient PRP:

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The melding of electronic music and metal is getting more and more common these days with the expansion of music taste and the increase in technology and affordable studio equipment. While the French one man band  A.I.(d). isn’t as overt with the blend than the likes of The Algorithm, Lou Majdanek’s musical project creates some of the strangest and most avante garde music in the current metal scene by cutting up and pitch shifting guitar tracks and programming glitchy synths that blend together with the syncopated chugs in a haze of hectic music making you question what instruments are being played.

It’s all really cool. Especially since the composition is this thoughtful. Majdanek’s goal is to make his music nearly impossible to perform live and he has surely achieved his goal, as I’m sure the rest of his upcoming album Still Unknown will. A new track titled ‘Dramatic Lazyness‘ (sic) has been made available (below) and if you’re into bizarre music, then look no further. This track is one of the more straightforward tracks that the project has released, but things still tend to get hectic.

- CD & JR


Hello! This is Kyle Bishop, singer, songwriter, and piano player of the shitty band, Numbers. For some reason, HBIH thinks my opinion matters, and asked what I’ve been listening to this crazy year of 2012. So, without wasting anymore of your time, here are a few!

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The Algorithm – Polymorphic Code

The Algorithm

Polymorphic Code

01. Handshake
02. Bouncing Dot
03. Trojans
04. Access Denied
05. Logic Bomb
06. Warp Gate Exploit
07. Null
08. Panic

[Basick Records]

A palatable crossover between electronic music and metal is hard to come by. Both genres are known for their array of hair-splitting subgenres and elitism among rabid enthusiasts, so when the two worlds clash, it can lead to some very polarizing output. Though, French producer Remi Gallego may have just stumbled upon a suitable combination, juxtaposing trance-inducing synth leads against complex and driving groove and attack with his experimental project The Algorithm.

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After long last (or so it seems), The Algorithm‘s debut album is here! The genre-bending madness that is Polymorphic Code displays swathes of metal and electronica in an avant-garde maelstrom that is sure to wow many listeners — so long as they keep an open mind. Due out next Tuesday, November 20th, in North America on Basick Records, the album is available for streaming right now over at Metal Hammer. Get into it, and consider giving Polymorphic Code a well-deserved purchase!

Stick around Heavy Blog today, as we’ve got our review of Polymorphic Code coming down the pike at 4PM, EST!

- JR

It’s hard for electronic artists to call the metal scene home, but The Algorithm (featuring mastermind Remi Gallego and Monuments drummer Mike Malyan) have so far been successful in getting the attention of open-minded metal fans and playing shows with the likes of Chimp Spanner and Uneven Structure. The Algorithm’s debut album Polymorphic Code is due out this month through forward-thinking metal mecca Basick Records, and there’s quite a bit of buzz surrounding its release.

The band have premiered their video for the single ‘Tr0jans’ with our friends at Got-Djent, so go visit the site to see the interesting new performance video. Be sure to check out Polymorphic Code November 9th via Basick Records if you’re open to the idea of metal-influenced electronic music.

- JR

Glitchy Frenchman Remi Gallego’s project The Algorithm signed to Basick Records earlier this year to much surprise. While Gallego’s quirky sort of djent-step sound and electronic-based live act meets the Basick Records M.O. regarding forward thinking and progressive acts, I didn’t expect the burgeoning prog mecca label to sign an electronic artist. It’s a smart move, really. The Algorithm is soaring in popularity and hype in the UK tech metal scene, playing shows with Monuments drummer Mike Malyan alongside bands like Uneven Structure and Chimp Spanner since the signing. The crossover appeal is excellent, and it helps that The Algorithm makes genuinely good music.

So finally, Basick Records and The Algorithm have announced the debut album Polymorphic Code. With album art looking like something from the Muse discography, I’m sure there will be a lot to take in from the record. A music video was pieced together for the album’s first single ‘Access Granted’ from the fairly recent Basick Records Underworld Takeover gig, which you can check out below:

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Handshake
2. Bouncing Dot
3. Trojans
4. Access Granted
5. Logic Bomb
6. Warp Gate Exploit
7. Null
8. Panic
Polymorphic Code will be available November 19th (UK) and November 20th (US) through Basick Records.
- JR

Things get competitive (what Olympics?) in London this September when two of the best underground labels go head to head in a showcase at the Underworld in Camden, for the ridiculous price of £7. Siege Of Amida may not get mentioned as often as some of the Basick alumni like Chimp SpannerAliases or Visions but Dyscarnate and Dripback are two of the best underground extreme acts around at the moment — the former peddling some truly crushing death metal and the latter playing some bastardised version of thrash. If you’re in or around London, get to this, every single one of these acts is making waves in the underground and if you need some convincing there’s some audio/visual goodies just after the jump!

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