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dillinger happiness is a smile

As a vinyl collector and a massive fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan, I was pretty bummed that the group’s new single ‘Happiness Is A Smile’ was going to be released exclusively on vinyl through the band’s merch table during their latest run of dates with Trash Talk, Retox, and SHINING. The tour was coming nowhere close to home, so I just assumed it wasn’t meant to be.

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devin townsend jorgen munkeby

There’s already been some speculation brewing that Devin Townsend and SHINING‘s Jorgen Munkeby could be working together directly in the near future. This weekend, we got a little curious and not-so-subtly addressed the situation with them on Twitter. Both being very active users, we were quick to not only get a response, but a confirmation that the collaboration has already been completed.

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We already know full and well that The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s upcoming tour with Trash Talk, Retox, and Shining is going to be an insanely destructive force. The dates are painfully short, but fortunately once that leg of Dillinger’s headlining tour comes to a close, they’re continuing onward with another set of supporting acts in Tera Melos and Vattnet Viskar.

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The internet is a powerful tool, for better or worse it gives everyone a voice that, to a certain extent, can be heard. For instance, remember that time Alkahest hooked up Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Devin Townsend? Well, history is cyclical and it appears the way to get musicians to collaborate is to shout at them on Twitter!

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Dillinger Tour 2014

If this isn’t the most destructive tour you’ll see this year, I don’t even want to think about what might one-up it: The Dillinger Escape Plan are embarking on a North American headlining trek with support from Trash Talk, Retox, and one of our favorite avant garde artists SHINING!

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SHINING Mojave Desert

Never missing an opportunity to do something super cool, Norwegian industrial jazz fusion artists SHINING set up shop in various locations on tour to record unedited one-take live performances of songs from their latest record One One One. It’s been a while since the release of the first video in the series, a rendition of ‘I Won’t Forget’ performed at a demolition site in Oslo, Norway. The second entry in their Live On Location series takes place in The Mojave Desert in California, where they performed the track ‘The One Inside.‘ You can watch the video below.

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2013, what a year. Seriously. As of writing this introduction, it’s the 10th of December and I’m staring down the barrel of a list of around thirty releases that I still have yet check out and by all accounts could probably destroy the order of this list but, oh well, c’est la vie. Maybe some day I’ll catch up, but it won’t be any time soon.

Once again, this year I made everything extremely hard for myself by only picking ten records in an effort to counter the fact I enjoyed such a huge selection of metal. This list represents ten records that, when I pick up my iPod to put something on before heading out the door, are the tried and true selections that I tend to opt for — it’s an odd measure, but one that for me tends to pick out the records that I truly love and have listened to enough to know inside out. So, check them out, or don’t, it’s up to you — I just hope you guys had as much of a good year as I did.

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I’m going to skip the intro because I know most of you just want to read the list.

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shining live at oya

The transition that Shining underwent between 2010′s Blackjazz and this year’s One One One is quite a telling one — while the band still created huge bombastic industrial-rock anthems complete with skronky sax and frantic synths, they dropped a lot of the more free-form improvisation in favour of more structured and memorable tracks. In the live setting, the band weren’t afraid to drag out their Blackjazz material in huge 5+ minute noisy freak-outs you’d be forgiven for wondering whether their new material lends itself to that approach at all.

Thankfully, the band have begun to unveil a series of live videos taken from a recent performance at Øya Festival which shows the band experimenting a bit more, starting with, what is probably one of the most addictive tracks you’ll hear all year, ‘I Won’t Forget‘:

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shining us tour

Ever since I heard their 2010 album Blackjazz, I’ve wanted to see Norwegian industrial prog group SHINING perform live. Their 2012 CD/DVD live release Live Blackjazz hit the spot, but a difference between watching a show on screen and in person. The band have had the goal of touring North America for some time now, and after years of promising, they’re finally delivering, however small it may be.

Frontman Jørgen Munkeby made the following statement:

“‘It’s about fucking time we come over to the States’ has become quite a mantra for me in the last few years. So after a while of fooling around with a bunch of different support tour options, we just decided to grab the bull by its horns and book our own headliner tour! It’s going to be some crazy nights of pounding Blackjazz energy you don’t want to miss!

The dates for the trek are below, and though there is only a few dates, it’s a good first step for a band that has never toured America before in this capacity. Hopefully they can manage to hop along with a bigger act for a support trek with more dates in the future!

9/17 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus
9/18 Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques
9/19 Toronto, ON – Wreck Room
9/20 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
9/23 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
9/25 Santa Ana, CA – Observatory
9/26 San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
9/28 Los Angeles, CA – Roxy
**Support acts TBA

- JR

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