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Stop what you’re doing right now!!! Modern metal masters Revocation have premiered the title track from their upcoming album Deathless, and it’s every bit as fantastic as you would expect. Listen and have your face melted off after the jump.

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Image courtesy of Maclyn Bean Photography

are a staff favorite. I’ve seen them a few times and they just seem to get better and better. I’m extremely excited for Deathless, their Metal Blade debut, later this year, but unfortunately those who wanted to see them live in the next few weeks will have to wait. Phil Dubois-Coyne, their fantastic drummer, has suffered a broken arm and will be unable to perform, leading the band to cancel a few week’s worth of shows. Check out what the band had to say after the jump.

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Revocation are easily one of the site’s favorite bands collectively. Many of these writers listed their self titled record from last year in their “Best Of 2013″  list, and one writer even cites Chaos Of Forms as their favorite album of all time. Recently, the band completed their tour with Whitechapel, Devildriver, Rivers Of Nihil, Fit For An Autopsy, and Carnifex. I was back home and had the chance to stop by their show in Fort Lauderdale, so naturally I caught up with David to talk 7 string guitars, the new record, and Trick Daddy’s favorite seafood restaurant. Check out the interview in full, after the jump!

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Photographers Kyle Gaddo and Maclyn Bean have once again joined forces to bring you a MASSIVE photo post. This time, we managed to catch DevilDriver and Whitechapel on their co-headlining tour with Revocation, Carnifex, and Rivers of Nihil. Would you believe that luck, though, that at all three dates we managed to miss Fit For An Autopsy? Sorry, dudes!

Many photos below!

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And the list marches on. We’ve covered a myriad variety of metal so far and it’s a been a blast. Some of the albums already on the list definitely enjoyed a few more spins, just to remember exactly how good they are. As we charge towards that illustrious top five, the quality is not going to stop. We’re slowly climbing our way towards albums that were either hotly disputed in the group or enjoyed an overwhelming amount of consensus. Brace yourselves, here we go again!

Without further ado, here’s an arbitrarily arranged list of awesome albums from 2014 so far. Remember: it’s okay to not like thing.

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“Should we hit the bong… Before we begin?”

You need to be able to laugh at yourself if you are an aficionado of death metal. If one can take a step back and find the humor in their circumstances then their overall appreciation of the genre will be increased tenfold. The posturing and machismo that plagues metal in general is laughable, with bands penning songs about demons, possession, graphic violence and death –  who can really take of all of this stuff seriously? Thankfully there are many out there who are aware of the comical nature of being a death metal musician and The Black Dahlia Murder are maybe the finest example of this. Their new DVD, Fool ‘Em All, picks up exactly where Majesty left off in terms of the bands sense of humor and the unceasing professionalism that propels them forward. View Full Article »


Rivers Of Nihil have taken the metal world by storm with their debut full-length The Conscious Seed Of Light, which came out last year. They have ascended the ranks, going from a relatively underground band to being known as the next great thing in death metal music. I caught up with Brody Uttley at their Fort Lauderdale stop on their tour with Whitechapel, Devildriver, Carnifex, Revocation, and Fit For An Autopsy, to chat about getting naked, the new album, and why St. Louis is horrible for touring bands.

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Ex-Megadeth lead shredder and renowned guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman is preparing to release his upcoming solo album Inferno on May 27th, 2014. Incomplete without a selection of special guests, the record will feature appearances from Children of Bodom‘s Alexi Laiho, Revocation‘s Dave Davidson, and more. The latest unveiling, “Meat Hook,” has Heavy Blog favorite Jørgen Munkeby from Norway’s SHINING.

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revocation metal blade

Well here’s a surprise! Revocation, long time alumni at Relapse Records, have moved on, announcing that they have signed with Metal Blade Records.

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Whitechapel Devildriver 2014

Devildriver and Whitechapel have announced a co-headlining trek for May and July featuring some of the coolest upcoming acts in metal. Carnifex, Revocation, Rivers of Nihil, and Fit For An Autopsy are tapped as support, making this package tour a must-see this summer, likely a worthy competitor for Summer Slaughter. I’m not too keen on Devildriver or Carnifex, but the rest of the tour is right up our alley. Get the full run of dates below.

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