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revocation metal blade

Well here’s a surprise! Revocation, long time alumni at Relapse Records, have moved on, announcing that they have signed with Metal Blade Records.

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Whitechapel Devildriver 2014

Devildriver and Whitechapel have announced a co-headlining trek for May and July featuring some of the coolest upcoming acts in metal. Carnifex, Revocation, Rivers of Nihil, and Fit For An Autopsy are tapped as support, making this package tour a must-see this summer, likely a worthy competitor for Summer Slaughter. I’m not too keen on Devildriver or Carnifex, but the rest of the tour is right up our alley. Get the full run of dates below.

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bloodshot dawn album 2 update

Bloodshot Dawn — you might be forgiven for not knowing them based on the fact that they’re completely unsigned, but then you be missing out on one of the best bands the metal underground has to offer these days. They combine the effortless meandering of Revocation with the technically adept flourishes of Arsis to create some mutant strain of death metal inspired thrash (or thrash metal inspired death) that is genuinely face-melting. So, what better time to jump on board the hype train, than the build up to their second album?

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Nothing – Guilty of Everything


Guilty of Everything

01. Hymn to the Pillory
02. Dig
03. Bent Nail
04. Endlessly
05. Somersault
06. Get Well
07. Beat Around the Bush
08. B&E
09. Guilty of Everything

[Relapse Records]

When the announcement came that Relapse Records had signed a shoegaze band, head-scratching ensued. The same label that boasts the likes of Pig Destroyer, Revocation, and Indian, had signed Philadelphia-based act Nothing— a band that had been likened to My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins. Shortly after the announcement of their signing, they band dropped the single ‘Dig,’ and at that point, all doubts were dispelled. This was going to be a record that warranted at least a thorough listen. Turns out, it’s worth more than quite a few.

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exmortus - slave to the sword

There’s just something instantly satisfying about a great thrash band. Maybe it’s because a lot of us cut our teeth on the genre in the form of the ‘Big 4′ who are pretty much the gateway bands to nearly all forms of underground metal, but when you find a band that can churn out those machine-gun riffs and double pedal to make you feel the same way you did the first time you heard ‘War Ensemble’, then… You know, you know, you can deal. You know that you’re thinking, you know.

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Artifical Brain - Worm harvester

Artificial Brain are an old school death metal band featuring  Dan Gargiulo of Revocation on guitars. Their brand of metal is pretty far away from Revocation though; they embrace a grimy, ugly sound akin to the legendary Demilich. Excited yet? Well they have two tracks available for you to feast your ears with.

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2013, what a year. Seriously. As of writing this introduction, it’s the 10th of December and I’m staring down the barrel of a list of around thirty releases that I still have yet check out and by all accounts could probably destroy the order of this list but, oh well, c’est la vie. Maybe some day I’ll catch up, but it won’t be any time soon.

Once again, this year I made everything extremely hard for myself by only picking ten records in an effort to counter the fact I enjoyed such a huge selection of metal. This list represents ten records that, when I pick up my iPod to put something on before heading out the door, are the tried and true selections that I tend to opt for — it’s an odd measure, but one that for me tends to pick out the records that I truly love and have listened to enough to know inside out. So, check them out, or don’t, it’s up to you — I just hope you guys had as much of a good year as I did.

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Man did 2013 pass quickly or what? It feels like it was just last week that I was composing this same list for my albums of 2012. Speaking of which, this year sure does kick last year’s ass all kinds of ways when it comes to the music. In fact, in my experience they were complete polar opposites – 2012 delivered lots of good albums, but few truly great ones, whereas in 2013 I found myself digging way less music quantitatively, but almost everything I did end up liking was just amazing.

Well, scratch that, there probably was just as much good stuff released but I simply didn’t have the time for it. I completely missed a lot of albums that I have a sneaky suspicion would be up my alley (Scale the Summit, Exivious, Havok, Doomriders  etc.), and I definitely have a ton that I enjoyed but still haven’t spent much time with. So yeah, let’s begin with those, and then get to the juicy part.

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