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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the massively-successful Xbox game, Halo 2.  In honor of this anniversary 343 Industries has revamped Halo 2 along with Halo: Combat Evoloved from the ground up.  The two games will be released together in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  Misha Mansoor of Periphery was commissioned to write two tracks for the Halo 2 remake. There’s also a preview of one of Misha’s tracks that recently surfaced. Check it out after the jump!

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We’ve told you about Mirrelia before, but it’s been quite some time since we’ve had any new music from this Toronto based progressive metal act. Thankfully the band are gearing up to release their new EP titled The Actor on August 10th, and they’ve just revealed the first track in ‘Six Over Seven‘. Still keeping to a style that should appeal to fans of groups such as Periphery or Protest The Hero, the song is rife with catchy and melodic passages, but doesn’t shy away from getting a little heavier from time to time. Check it out:

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D’Addario and Planet Waves are joining forces with BANDHAPPY to put on the “Escape from the Studio” tour featuring Periphery, The Contortionist, Intervals, and TOOTHGRINDER. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 18.

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Monuments – The Amanuensis


Ever facing delays and setbacks, Monuments’ debut album Gnosis barely missed the boat for the new wave of progressive groove metal — which guitarist John Browne helped form with Tesseract’s Acle Kahney with under-recognized djent progenitors Fellsilent — just as it began to oversaturate the market. Despite landing a critically favorable debut and a dedicated legion of fans, the group’s troubles weren’t soon over. During the Gnosis album cycle, vocalist Matt Rose left the band with dissent, slamming the door shut on further touring in support of the record. In turn, Browne & Co. didn’t make as much new ground as they should have given their pedigree. Now aided by Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery, Ever Forthright) on vocal duties, the group hopes to make up for lost time with their infectious sophomore album The Amanuensis.

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vik with animals as leaders

Last week, the LA Times published a beautiful story wherein Cynic‘s Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert openly discuss their sexuality, both publicly coming out as homosexuals for the first time. The online metal community took the news with overwhelming support for Masvidal and Reinert, breaking many stereotypes along the way.

Of course, even in 2014, bigotry still exists in the world, and there will be those few and far between who will say ugly things about Paul and Sean based solely on their sexuality. Last night, May 12th, guitar luthier Vik Kuletski — above center, owner of boutique custom guitar company ViK Guitars — made a poorly veiled jab at Masvidal on Facebook, and the community response points to the likelihood that Vik’s career as an up and coming luthier is more or less done, sealed by the ire of a number of high profile musicians and now former clients.

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volumes no sleep

Volumes are nearing the release of their sophomore full-length record, which is seemingly overdue — outside of a new single last year, we haven’t heard music from the group since 2011 — and have shared a teaser video showcasing samples of new material. The album, titled No Sleep,  will evidently take Volumes in a markedly different direction. The teaser focuses heavily on clean vocals and bright melodies, which is something that Volumes have only started hinting at on their debut, Via. Check out the video below to hear for yourself.

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animals-as-leaders-joy-of-motionAnimals as Leaders

The Joy of Motion

01. Ka$cade
02. Lippincott
03. Air Chrysalis
04. Another Year
05. Physical Education
06. Tooth and Claw
07. Crescent
08. The Future That Awaited Me
09. Para Mexer
10. The Woven Web
11. Mind-Spun
12. Nephele

[Sumerian Records]

The third album. This is a crucial time in a band/artists career, where they must assess what is working, what isn’t, and what can be pulled together from the previous works to make something engaging to established fans, but hooking for new listeners as well. Animals as Leaders have reached this juncture, and because of it, have given birth to The Joy of Motion. This record is the heavily-anticipated follow up to 2011’s Weightless, and the band’s first album as part of the Sumerian Records roster.

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If you’re a fan of instrumental metal, then you’re no doubt looking forward to the new record from Animals As Leaders. The group has made a name for themselves within the metal world and beyond for their approach to the style, but one thing is for certain, and that’s that the departures they make on each new record make for an interesting experience every time. Weightless brought us more subtle and subdued tones, taking on many qualities of it’s namesake, making music that traded in a lot of rhythmic groove for more airy meanderings. And now The Joy Of Motion switches gears once again.

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Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals - A Voice WithinIntervals

A Voice Within

01. Ephemeral
02. Moment Marauder
03. Automaton
04. The Self Surrendered
05. Breathe
06. The Escape
07. Atlas Hour
08. Siren Sound
09. A Voice Within


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about musical metamorphoses. Alcest completed their predictable evolution as a dream-rock act and dropped all shades of their former blackened shell. Tides of Man recently went from progressive rock-influenced post-hardcore group to instrumental post-rock maestros following the departure of vocalist Tilian Pearson. The most jarring and polarizing transformation we’ve seen recently though is the one taken by Toronto-based act Intervals; after making a name for themselves as an instrumental guitar-oriented project, touring bassist and former The HAARP Machine vocalist Mike Semesky graduated to full-time singer for their full-length debut, alienating many fans along the way.

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twelve foot ninja video still

The internet is a peculiar place and the metal community that exists on it an even weirder one. To be sure, the readership and power that the modern blogging tools grant us present bands, writers and readers alike with new challenges and questions. How do you stay objective in the face of a strong-willed and often demanding readership? How should bands market themselves to this new stage and should they even address it? These questions, and many more, have been answered in many ways over the last years. Some with less subtlety.

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