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animals-as-leaders-joy-of-motionAnimals as Leaders

The Joy of Motion

01. Ka$cade
02. Lippincott
03. Air Chrysalis
04. Another Year
05. Physical Education
06. Tooth and Claw
07. Crescent
08. The Future That Awaited Me
09. Para Mexer
10. The Woven Web
11. Mind-Spun
12. Nephele

[Sumerian Records]

The third album. This is a crucial time in a band/artists career, where they must assess what is working, what isn’t, and what can be pulled together from the previous works to make something engaging to established fans, but hooking for new listeners as well. Animals as Leaders have reached this juncture, and because of it, have given birth to The Joy of Motion. This record is the heavily-anticipated follow up to 2011’s Weightless, and the band’s first album as part of the Sumerian Records roster.

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If you’re a fan of instrumental metal, then you’re no doubt looking forward to the new record from Animals As Leaders. The group has made a name for themselves within the metal world and beyond for their approach to the style, but one thing is for certain, and that’s that the departures they make on each new record make for an interesting experience every time. Weightless brought us more subtle and subdued tones, taking on many qualities of it’s namesake, making music that traded in a lot of rhythmic groove for more airy meanderings. And now The Joy Of Motion switches gears once again.

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Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals - A Voice WithinIntervals

A Voice Within

01. Ephemeral
02. Moment Marauder
03. Automaton
04. The Self Surrendered
05. Breathe
06. The Escape
07. Atlas Hour
08. Siren Sound
09. A Voice Within


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about musical metamorphoses. Alcest completed their predictable evolution as a dream-rock act and dropped all shades of their former blackened shell. Tides of Man recently went from progressive rock-influenced post-hardcore group to instrumental post-rock maestros following the departure of vocalist Tilian Pearson. The most jarring and polarizing transformation we’ve seen recently though is the one taken by Toronto-based act Intervals; after making a name for themselves as an instrumental guitar-oriented project, touring bassist and former The HAARP Machine vocalist Mike Semesky graduated to full-time singer for their full-length debut, alienating many fans along the way.

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twelve foot ninja video still

The internet is a peculiar place and the metal community that exists on it an even weirder one. To be sure, the readership and power that the modern blogging tools grant us present bands, writers and readers alike with new challenges and questions. How do you stay objective in the face of a strong-willed and often demanding readership? How should bands market themselves to this new stage and should they even address it? These questions, and many more, have been answered in many ways over the last years. Some with less subtlety.

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Periphery - Clear

Periphery‘s upcoming not-quite-album-not-quite-EP Clear, wherein each member writes their own track inspired by a common melodic overture, isn’t due out for another two weeks. Even still, Sumerian Records have pulled the plug early and are streaming the band’s experimental endeavor in full via YouTube!

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Periphery - Clear

In case you were wondering when we’d get to hear new music from the polarizing metal act Periphery, you’re in for a surprise! Yesterday, the group announced that they will be dropping a new release titled Clear next month, an experimental record featuring tracks composed by each member of the band based on a single melodic theme.

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periphery video still

Fact: the best song on Periphery II is ‘Ragnarok.’ Any other opinion is invalid.

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periphery - this tour is personal

When’s the last time Periphery did a full-fledged North American headlining tour in support for Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal? I’m looking back through our news archives for it and I’m not seeing anything since last year. Fortunately, they’re making up for it now with This Tour Is Personal, featuring support from Born of Osiris, Dead Letter Circus, and Twelve Foot Ninja! This marks the first Twelve Foot Ninja North American tour, which is pretty good for a first time out!

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Summer Slaughter 2013

Mayhem Fest may be the biggest mainstream metal package tour of the year, but Summer Slaughter is where the best bet is in regards to quality extreme and progressive metal. This year’s lineup consisted of headliners The Dillinger Escape Plan with support from Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Cattle Decapitation, and more! Check out the photos from the Philadelphia stop of the tour below courtesy of Maclyn Bean Photography.

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binary code

Remember The Binary Code?! Just last week I was at my parents’ house and was going through some old things of mine that I left behind. I came across a limited edition hand-made copy of their last effort Priest EP, which was released back in 2010. During that time, their sound was very progressive metalcore/deathcore esque, fitting comfortably on the ears of fans of early Between the Buried and Me. I thought to myself, “woah, whatever happened to this band? Are they even still active?”

Days later I was answered by guitarist Jesse Zurretti when he sent me a pre-production instrumental track titled ‘Immersion‘ from their new album sessions. The band changed their sound quite a bit since then from the sound of things. The band have gone for a bit more in the way of djenty prog, and I could see Animals as Leaders or Periphery pulling something like this off! Stream the track below.

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