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I’ve heard the new album from metalcore masters Unearth, and I can say with the utmost confidence that it is their best album since The Oncoming Storm. The band has released a few tracks from the album, and now they’re streaming another at their MerchNow page. The song is called “Guards of Contagion”, and like the songs released before it, it absolutely crushes. Listen after the jump.

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unearth watchers of rule

Listen to the first twenty seconds of ‘The Swarm’ and you would be forgiven for thinking that The Black Dahlia Murder had just dropped a surprise new track. Thankfully, the first new music from Unearth since 2011’s Darkness In The Light does not take long to remind everyone that, contrary to popular belief, the NWOAHM still lives on. Its hairline may have receded somewhat and the beer gut may be a bit larger but metalcore is still here and it’ll be damned if it doesn’t still have one last round in the chamber. Get some hair swirling, air guitar magic after the jump!

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Code Orange Kids/Twitching Tongues Tour

Code Orange Kids are now grown up and have declared themselves king under the name Code Orange, so the natural next step in their career would be to announce a huge tour, right? Right. Today the band took to Facebook to announce the month long trek across America they will be making with Twitching Tongues, and a slew of other bands as well, including a couple of our favorites,  Nails! They were also kind enough to throw a new track our way, courtesy of Alternative Press. You can stream ‘My World’ over at AltPress’ website. Check out the tour dates below, and make sure to follow the key to find out who you will and will not see at your date.
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ronnie james dio tribute review

Ronnie James Dio. Roll that name off your tongue, for it holds the stuff of legends. Dio is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the development of metal and heavy rock. From his time in Rainbow through his Black Sabbath years, Dio was one of the most prolific rock artists to have ever taken the stage. Countless artists grew up on his voice and peculiar antics. This writer managed to see him perform live with Tony Iommi, as part of their Heaven&Hell tour, and no eyes remained dry that night. When Dio passed away in 2010, the world of metal truly took a massive blow, losing a man that did not stop recording and performing even when he was battling cancer. Now, Rhino Records have gathered a tremendous number of artists to celebrate music from across this great man’s career. Names like Metallica, Russell Allen, Rob Halford, Corey Taylor and Tenacious D have all brought their considerable talents to the table in order to do justice with this giant among men. The end result? An electric ode to a great voice, a tour de force of a career spanning 40 years of heavy metal.

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The Big Four Of Metalcore?!

big four metalcore

I’ve learned forever ago that you should never ever take anything written by Metalsucks/Stuff You Will Hate contributor Sargent D at face value, but his recent posting “Who are TEH BIG FOUR OF METALCORE??” has evidently stirred some serious discussion regarding which bands will take the informal crowning as The Big Four of Metalcore.

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Yearly Philadelphia hardcore festival This Is Hardcore has just presented its final lineup for 2014, taking place from July 24th through the 27th.

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Full disclosure: I really hate doing these lists. Actually, what I should say is I hate ordering these lists. Throughout the course of the year, these are the albums which have impacted me most, whether it be on an emotional level, intellectual level, or on a just plain enjoyment level. I really can’t say that I think any one of these albums is better than the other, because they’ve each played an equally important role on my impression of music in 2013.

I’ve been doing my best to prepare for this time of year by keeping a running list of albums I’ve enjoyed throughout the year, but unfortunately I can’t put 112 albums on my list. I’ll also admit that the publishing of year end lists on other metal media outlets has forced me to revisit a number of albums over the past few weeks, just to be sure there wasn’t an album I missed or didn’t quite “get”, and has also put an unspoken pressure on me to include albums that other prominent writers have deemed the best of the year. That being said, diversity (or is it variety?) is the spice of life, and one thing I need to realize is that we all as metal journalists have different tastes, and while there may be some overlap with the dreaded year-end lists, it’s not at all required. We are all individuals, our own entities, and one of the many beautiful things about music is the variety of interpretations and impacts it can have on each of us as individuals.

Inevitably, there will be a handful of readers who express their discontent with my list and every other Heavy Blog writers’ list in a threatening manner, and to those people I say: grow up. Make your own damn list, and enjoy it for yourself. I can guarantee you that I won’t agree with everything on your list, but I’m not going to think any less of you because we don’t share the same musical taste. Music is supposed to breed community, not hostility, and we should all just learn to appreciate each others’ individual tastes and have civil conversations about it, and perhaps in the process, experience some of the excitement of discovering a new band that tickles your musical fancy just right.

And thus ends my soapbox on the subject. Now, onto the list!

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Killswitch Engage 2013 tour

Killswitch Engage were a gateway into metal for many folks, and their first US headlining tour in support of Disarm the Descent featuring returning original vocalist Jesse Leach was like a throwback to 2002, especially with the original plan to have As I Lay Dying performing as direct support. Instead, Darkest Hour were added to the lineup, which still made for a great show. Photographer Maclyn Bean attended the June 11th date in New York City, and photos of the show can be seen below.

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 Killswitch Engage 2013 tour

Perhaps five years ago I would have been flipping out over a tour with Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. Nowadays, straight up “traditional” metalcore (or the new wave of American heavy metal) doesn’t do much for me. Though As I Lay Dying are still putting out quality records and the new Killswitch Engage record seems promising (would you believe that I haven’t even heard it yet?!), I’m not too fussed over this newly announced tour featuring support from Miss May I and Affiance. I can’t explain my almost apathy fairly, either; I’m sure this tour would be fun and exciting, but I’m seeing Death To All and Dillinger Escape Plan in the next month, and my tastes have changed a bit since the rise of melodic metalcore.

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Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent

It’s apparent that Killswitch Engage‘s new album is among many of our most anticipated releases lists. The return of Jesse Leach, the singles sounding as fierce as ever; it’s a recipe for success. Which is why I’m excited to tell everyone here that you have to wait no longer to hear this beast. Head on over to Alternative Press and check out their new album, Disarm The Descent, in its entirety RIGHT NOW. I’m only 5 songs in, but overall I’m thoroughly satisfied. It’s way better than their last album was, and it’s a return to the heaviness that the band first introduced to us in the early days of the new millennium. So go listen if you want, and be sure to pick up the record when it drops next week on Roadrunner Records.


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