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Atten Ash – The Hourglass


When people try to classify ‘doom metal’, it used to be easy. Things like early Anathema and Disembowelment pioneered the doom movement, which was slow, loud, and grim. However, as time went on, the genre seemed to gain more diverse influences. Katatonia added melody and cleans to the genre, and bands like In Mourning and Be’Lakor added elements of post-metal and melodic death metal to give it a new, modern feel. With so many facets of the genre, it’s not hard to figure that Atten Ash belong within it. However, finding where exactly they belong within a genre with so many great bands is the real test that their music brings upon us. View Full Article »


So, this strange wave of bands migrating from black metal into other realms of music has been ongoing for quite a while now. Bands like Ulver or Alcest are the most famous (infamous?) names in this movement, with Anathema doing the same for doom and The Gathering for folk. I’m still divided on whether we can define this wave as a success but CODE have decided to add to it. Leaving by the wayside their black metal roots, CODE have released their newest album ‘mut’, all resplendent in somber prog vibes. Head on over the jump for the full stream.

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btbam jens bogren

Any time Between the Buried and Me works on a new record, it immediately jumps to the top of the year’s most anticipated albums. Their track record speaks for itself; they’ve never released a bad album, and depending on who you ask, each record is better than the last.

This time around, the group are doubling down the hype of their new opus of a rock opera. Instead of taking up residence in Jamie King’s Basement Studio to record their eighth studio album, the band revisited The Fidelitorium (where they recorded their recent Future Sequence live release) for much of the tracking. It looks like that won’t be the only change the band are making for their new record, either; thanks to bassist Dan Briggs on Twitter, we now know that Jens Bogren (The Ocean, Opeth, Katatonia) will be handling mixing duties.

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Katatonia have always been one of my favorite bands but then they really broke the mold with Dethroned & Uncrowned. We recently learned that they planned to do that again by releasing a live DVD for their acoustic show at Union Chapel. It was promised to be emotional, well produced and a retrospective of the band’s career. In light of that last fact, it is no surprise then that the bad have chosen a track from Brave Murder Day, one of their most critically acclaimed albums, for initial release. Head on over the jump for the live version of ‘Day’.

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In 2013, Katatonia nearly ended me. After they released one of the best albums of their career in 2012, they decided to re-work the tracks on it into an unplugged version and release Dethroned & Uncrowned. The end result was one of the most touching and emotional albums I’ve ever heard until and since then. Beautifully somber, relentlessly lost, it was a masterful rendition of an already near-perfect album. In 2014, the band took to the stage to perform these tracks and other re-worked versions of songs from their career.

The height of that tour was the show at the Union Chapel venue in London. Featuring haunting acoustics and a funereal aesthetic, this is one of the most unique venues in Europe. Now, the band are set to release the Sanctitude DVD which will include the full show from that night and a 60 minute documentary about the tour and band. Head on over the jump for the teaser!

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A Swarm Of The Sun – The Rifts

A Swarm of the Sun_Rifts

Clichés are important parts of language: they carry an inherent truth, something so right that it was repeated enough times to become commonplace. We should certainly take them with a grain of salt but we would also be mistaken to completely disregard them. So, readers, allow me a cliche: sometimes, less is more. This idiom becomes powerful when it allows us to understand something better. This is exactly the case with A Swarm of the Sun‘s latest release, The Rifts. Somber in disposition, modest in execution, terrifying in penetrating power, this album is the epitome of that turn of phrase: less is, sometimes, more.

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Junius are one of those bands that have found a perfect blend between beautifully sung vocals and doom. Like a more ethereal Katatonia, if you will. The band have not released a full length in a few years, and dropped a killer EP last year, much to my heart’s content. So I was stoked to find out that Junius is reissuing their debut EP on vinyl, as well as remastering it and streaming it for all to hear! Jam the stream below: View Full Article »


We know 2014 is not over yet but you’ll forgive us if we gaze past its dying moments and into the bright flame that is 2015 (wow, that was metal as fuck). A lot of us honestly believe that we are living in a Golden Age of Metal, going by number AND quality of releases in the past 3-4 or years. Keeping that in mind, it seems as if 2015 is gearing up to be just as badass and filled with amazing music as 2014. In order to get you prepped for all the goodness that is about to descend on us, we’ve compiled a list of releases we are currently expecting in 2015.

Just to make something clear: an “expected release” is any release which is confirmed or very highly likely. Your mileage may vary though, so it’s quite possible some of these won’t actually come out in 2015. However, we did all we can to research these and make sure that they are either confirmed or extremely likely due to the band being in the studio, signing to a new label or hinting towards a close release. We haven’t bothered with “mythical” albums that might see release, such as Tool (yeah right) or Necrophagist (please). So, enjoy! Head on over the jump for the full list and let us know in the comments if there’s anything we missed.
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mark-holcomb-really-titleThe members of Periphery are just back from of Japan. So while he was travelling what was guitarist Mark Holcomb (really) listening to? The answer after the break.

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Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath stirred up a bit of buzz last week when it was announced that Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost would be assuming vocal duties for the band on Grand Morbid Funeral, their upcoming fourth studio album. This was largely due to the fact that Holmes’ main project has not released an album that is sonically similar to Bloodbath in a considerable amount of time. (Digression - It is worth noting, however, that Bloodbath‘s previous vocalist was Mikael Åkerfeldt, who belongs to a somewhat well-known band that is also fairly dissimilar to Bloodbath‘s sound. Furthermore, the bands also has representation from Katatonia, yet another band that differs in musical direction. – /End Digression)

Wary listeners now have the opportunity to judge Holmes’ performance themselves, as the band have released the track “Unite in Pain” from Grand Morbid Funeral, along with the album’s tracklist. Check all of that out after the jump!

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