Judiciary – Surface Noise

Ah, the warm embrace of cold political hardcore punk-influenced thrash. Very few things in the world are as musically aggressive as that. It taps into your primal nature  and inflames that aggression you feel toward the system in general. Shouted vocals, overly crunchy guitars, and the unrelenting machine gun repetition…

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Plague Years – Unholy Infestation

It’s that time of year again. The middle of December when you remember you haven’t done your holiday shopping so you’re packing it all in at the last minute. Sometimes you’re early enough where you get it all done in time and everything’s perfect. Other times, you were just a…

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Black Coast Go Black (And White) With “Ill Minds” Video

There’s something timeless about a good old-fashioned black and white music video. You can probably think of ten off the top of your head. Eschewing colour and frivolity, the grainy, gritty monochrome video doesn’t take away from the heart and heft of the track behind it, giving the music a visual aid that never overpowers the riff. Today, we’re psyched to bring you a brand new video, in this style, from one of the UK’s brightest new ‘core bands, Black Coast. Don’t expect a narrative or outlandish concept, as previously mentioned this is a no fuss view of the band in their element – playing riffs in the dark and being moody as fuck.

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Cult Leader – A Patient Man

My grievance is simple.  Throughout A Patient Man, there exists contrived quasi-balladry that makes me question Cult Leader’s judgment.  Every minute of it (approximately 19 in total) derails and makes an unnecessary slog of the album.  I am heartbroken for three reasons: firstly, I can’t believe that something so surface-level…

Portrayal of Guilt – Let Pain Be Your Guide

My initial impressions of portrayal of guilt, mostly based off their self-titled EP, were that the band bore compelling similarities to You Fail Me-era Converge.  Holistically, both releases invoke the sense of urgency in the aftermath of trauma (something arguably still present in Let Pain Be Your Guide); more specifically,…

Dödsrit – Spirit Crusher

Swedish blackened post-hardcore/crust/metalcore project Totem Skin were a truly cutting-edge band by the time they released what would be their swan song, 2015’s Weltschmerz. Whereas blackened-anything is just about as common in extreme music now as it is at your local Chili’s, Weltschmerz was a lightning-in-a-bottle snapshot of a carefully…

Hey! Listen To Attan!

Imagine a black metal video shoot – medium-to-zero budget – complete with (roadside) cliffside setting, bullet belts, unnecessarily spiky attire, and the rest. You already half know what the song is gonna sound like. Norway’s Attan doesn’t sound anything like that. Instead, imagine a fan full of bodies and gear,…