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Greg Puciato Unveils New Dream-Pop Project, The Black Queen


Greg Puciato is definitely one of the best frontmen music has ever seen. His on stage persona is monstrous, chaotic and unpredictable. He does some of the best vocals metal has ever seen. And he also has an uncanny ability to strike gold whenever he appears as a guest musician, or delves into a new realm of music (some examples include his amazing supergroup Killer Be Killed). Now, however, he’s on his most ambitious trek yet. Partnering with former Nine Inch Nails  & Puscifer member Joshua Eustis and former Dillinger Escape Plan tech Steven Alexander, the new project is called Black Queen, and it’s got enough emotion to evoke many different feelings within the listener. Check it out!

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Killer Be Killed – Killer Be Killed

killer be killed

Since its announcement, the members of Killer Be Killed promised many things about the upcoming supergroup project. Max Cavalera, best known for his work in Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Sepultura‘s early years, said the album would be a “mix of heavy, fast and melodic songs,” while Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan let fly that the record is “a bit of Sabbath-y doom, a bit of thrash, a bit of hardcore and punk.”

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Tim Lambesis of Pyrithion, As I Lay Dying, and Austrian Death Machine: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

tim lambesis

Tim Lambesis is one of the most recognized singers in metal. Whether it be with the band that established him as an amazing frontman in As I Lay Dying or with his wacky side project Austrian Death Machine, you have probably heard his voice or seen a show of his at some point. With the release of his newest side project, Pyrithion, I got a hold of Tim and asked all the important questions, ranging from family to bench pressing.

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Gay For Puciato

A few days ago, Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan made quite the statement and stance in regards to homophobia in metal and society in general. The man was simply responding to an anonymous question from one of his fans over at his official website, and what transpired after is something that warms my heart. To see such a prominent member of the metal community taking such a definitive and positive stance on an issue of this magnitude, it’s… well it feels a lot better than the idiotic comments Dave Mustaine gets away with spewing out.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time in this post, because Greg’s statement — which you can read below — is far more eloquent than I could ever get out. However, I do want to say that this issue is getting crazier and crazier, and I for one think it’s quite disgusting. With the United States presidential elections just around the corner, lines in the sand are once again being drawn by candidates and voters alike in regards to gay rights, or the lack thereof. As Greg says below there are a large group of people in this day in age that are still living with backwards thoughts and  these people, particularly candidates at the moment, are using their religious beliefs as some sort of ill-conceived validation for their hate-mongering views. Now I’m not saying anything against Christianity or any religion for that matter, because I know for a fact that you can be a devout Christian and still firmly support gay rights, or be gay yourself. However, there are a significant amount of people in this country, and this world, who can’t or simply won’t acknowledge this fact. These people believe that the two have to be diametrically opposed, when they really don’t have to be. It’s quite disheartening for me and many others to be around such prejudice and blind hatred from people who don’t even have the foggiest idea of what’s really going on. Anyways, here’s the reposted comment from Puciato. Cheers!


Greg, I am a huge fan of your work with Dillinger and a metal fan overall. I am also homosexual. WHOA, right? My question is this – metal fans seem to pride themselves on being outsiders and letting anyone into their fold, yet homophobia is still huge in metal. Why is this exactly? It seems in this day and age especially, this mentality would have dissipated but sadly, it hasn’t. What is your take on this?

Greg Puciato:

“I really think masculinity insecurity issues are the problem, and listening to testosterone charged music and putting on a tough guy front enables the people with those issues to live in a sort of constructed “man suit”, helping them to feel more adequate in their gender/sex role confusion. It masks the fact that they probably need therapy to deal with whatever went wrong in their transition from boyhood to manhood.  Combine that with lack of education and culture, two things that we have a massive problem with in the US, and there you have it. It grosses me out. I think the younger generations are obviously progressing, everything progresses with time, but it’s annoying to wait for the world around you to play catch up when you’re already on that level.  Understanding of homosexuality is one of the largest humanist issues of our time. Well, that and educating people about the evils that organized religion have perpetuated in society. Those two things go hand in hand really. It’s frustrating that the United States leans so much on Christianity politically, a religion that teaches at its fundamental core complete intolerance toward homosexuality. Every time a candidate endorses Christianity or uses it as a tool to get votes of bible belt states, he’s saying “go fuck yourselves” to all of the gay population. The problem needs to be dissolved through different angles. Proper education and culture exposure will catch everyone up, but again, waiting is annoying….and I totally see what you are saying about the comical false masculinity that is unfortunately prevalent in metal and hip hop and country music. It’s not a coincidence that homophobia is most rampant in those three genres, and that those genres are primarily embraced by low income groups, groups that have low exposure to quality education, and almost no exposure to travel or different cultures. Punk and hardcore ethics have always been more refreshing and progressive, however, which is partly why we as a band feel more aligned with those movements than with “metal” as far as mindset. The real movements, not the “check it out I’m wearing a CBGB’s shirt I bought at Nordstroms” mall versions. Sorry I’m rambling…too much caffeine to type this very coherently, but it is something I actually feel fairly passionately about so I’m glad you brought it up. I scroll through most of these but this I felt I needed to say something about. If we ever do a show that I feel is gonna have an overtly high level of homophobes in the audience, I promise to wear a shirt that has a picture of a dude sucking a cock on the front of it or something. Funny how the same people who would act violently offended by that would probably cheer if there were two girls making out or going down on one another onstage. Like I said, fucking insecure babies trapped in man bodies. Masculinity insecurity issues. Hopefully they’ll all have gay kids.

Let me also throw in how proud we are as a band that our fans appear to be accepting and tolerant and progressive as well. Haven’t met a DEP fan ever that didn’t seem like a quality human being. I’m pretty sure that we turn everyone off that isn’t that way. I’d like to at least. Don’t come in here with that shit.

As for you, the person who submitted this question….don’t let that shit get you down. Feeling ostracized may sting at times, but the truth is that you’re a forward person in a primitive time. Moving at a faster speed than others. Being ahead of the pack? That’s called being a leader. Embrace it.”

I would like to make one last appeal to the readers of HBIH, if you have the time would you please read through some of the stuff at Freedomtomarry.org, and possibly sign the petition. They’re an organization obviously dedicated to the expansion of marriage rights for homosexual citizens. Honestly, it’s a small act that will have great impact on our society in the long run. This organization, and others like it will  and are helping us all get to that point of equality that everyone is so desperately grasping for. If you’re comfortable doing so, show your support.

– EC

Dillinger And Narrows Shaping 2012 Up For Some Great Math Metal

This time of year is pretty much all about looking ahead to the new year. It’s exactly the same at work; not many sales coming in, and so it is mirrored in the world of heavy music, which refuses to become enamoured and embroiled in the battle for Christmas number one, and instead lays mostly dormant (bar a few awesome offerings).

It was with great glee that I discovered today that two of the math metal scene’s greats are somewhere along the road to releasing new material.

First up, The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s frontman Greg Puciato has been tweeting during some downtime on tour with Mastodon and Red Fang to bring us news that writing for a new DEP record is occurring:

That statement may or may not please some or the other of you. I don’t care; DILLINGER ARE FUCKING WRITING!

Perhaps not as well known, but with no less of a pedigree – featuring ex members of Botch and These Arms Are Snakes – Seattle’s Narrows are much further along the road, having finished mixing of their new effort, which is sparse of details at the moment, but if it’s anything like predecessors Narrows, New Distances or their split with Heiress it will be big, loud and shit hot.

Definitely some great stuff to look out for next year. Not that we’re guaranteed the DEP next year, but there’s an outside chance, no?!

– CG

These Dillinger Side-Projects Are Just Piling Up!

These dudes in The Dillinger Escape Plan are always up to SOMETHING. If not writing/recording/touring on Dillinger, they’re doing guest spots, remixes, collaborations, and whatever other thing that can be done as a musicians. As vocalist Greg Puciato always says, they’re on “The Rock Clock,” which gives no time for sitting around and twiddling thumbs. There’s always a face to wreck somewhere, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a band more willing and able to do that without having to ask twice.

So here’s a rundown of some stuff the dudes in Dillinger are up to which you may or may not be aware of:

Greg Puciato and Soulfly’s Max Cavalera have been working together on a project of unknown specificity. The photo above is a picture that Greg tweeted of the project’s fist demo. Who knows what it will sound like!? At any rate, it’s probably most definitely going to be pretty awesome. The duo have collaborated before on a Soulfly track called “Rise of the Fallen.” Check out the video for that below:

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Greg Puciato “Driving” With Oupa

Greg Puciato


Mr. Puciato, or ‘Big G’ as I know him (not really), frontman of The Dilligner Escape Plan, has posted this cover of a song called “Driving” by the band Oupa. I’m not going to pretend I’ve had a chance to listen to it yet, but considering the schedule is as barren as Snookie’s highschool notebook and I figured you’d give it a whirl anyway, here you go. I do know it ain’t heavy though, but so what punk?

The blurb, from his blog:

“Cover of a song called “Driving”. Originally written/recorded by Oupa,the solo project of Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg.

The song resonated with me, and I dig the album it came from and wanted to record it for fun. Then I figured why not share it and give the album and original artist some exposure, while letting you guys hear me on a non-DEP(or heavy at all) track. So here you go. Recorded in the middle of the night last night and most of the day today. Check the original version out and give the album a listen here if you want. http://boiledegg.bandcamp.com/album/forge

So yeah. That’s that.

– CG

WILD SPECULATION: Will Greg Puciato Be Appearing On The New Every Time I Die Record?

ETID & Puciato
Forgive my poor photoshopping skills...

Hot on the heels of that bit of pre-Puciato era Dillinger news, I’m throwing caution to the winds and gazing into my crystal ball to provide you with a bit of 100% unfounded, purely speculatory discourse for your Monday lunchtime.

Browsing over what I’d missed over the past few days (I moved flats on Saturday – there’s no hot water or curtains yet, but at least we have internet…all about the important things), I noticed The PRP’s throwaway post about a tweet Greg Puciato ripped off over the weekend:

Being a DEP fan, this obviously caught my interest. New record soon? Well shit, that’d be a peach. But no, that’s not what I was thinking.

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Metal Injection Interviews The Almighty Devin Townsend And Namedrops Heavy Blog. My Week Has Been Made.

Click Here To Watch The Video

Devin Townsend is clearly the MVP of the year, what with two brilliant records being released, each one getting five star reviews here at Heavy Blog. It’s always enlightening when the man speaks. The dude is so humble, yet he is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in metal right now. Devin’s a class act, that’s for sure.

So Devin gave a pretty in-depth interview with Metal Injection, and there’s a few tid-bits that really stand out and get me all kinds of excited. You really should watch the whole interview, but here’s an outline of the awesomeness that lies within, just in case anyone out there happens to be at work and can’t spare the seventeen minutes:

  • Rob cites Heavy Blog Is Heavy in reference to how I managed to make miracles happen between Devin and Greg Puciato on Twitter. Thanks again, Rob!
  • Devin’s previously mentioned upcoming record Epicloud will be “heavy pop music” and will probably feature Anneke Van Giersbergen. Sounds an awful lot like the premise to Addicted, doesn’t it? A continuation of that sound would be more than welcome. 
  • Another Ziltoid record is still planned, in case you were wondering.
  • If we give Devy $120k, he’ll grow his hair out again. Part of me hopes he doesn’t raise the money.
  • Strapping Young Lad still not going to happen. No surprises there, and frankly, I’m okay with it.

Excellent! Be sure to check out the full interview above and catch Devin supporting Children of Bodom if you still can!

– JR

Dillinger Escape Plan Frontman Greg Puciato Assists Academia, Waxes Lyrical On File Sharing

Lots of people reposting this. A good read, if nothing else, on a slow news day. From Greg’s tumblr:

A Question From Facebook About File Sharing…& An Ensuing Ramble

Hi Greg, I’m a business student in Belfast and for my ethics module I’m writing a paper on online file sharing and it’s effect on the music industry. I was wondering what your views on the subject are, how it’s affected you and if you’ve done anything to try and counter the situation or lessen its effect on Dillinger. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I can’t wait to see you here this summer! Thanks.

I don’t see file sharing as an evil…it’s silly to say that it has any intrinsic properties of good and evil at all anyway. It’s just a new form of technology that evolved outside of what the record industry and intellectual property law structure was prepared for at the time. That having been said…I think it’s necessary to swim with the tide and not against it. I think it’s time to accept and acknowledge that the CD is a dead format. Maybe not dead in the way of the 8 track but dead in the way vinyl is. A CD now, should be thought of as a collector’s item, or a preferred way of listening if that is the individual’s preference, in which case he is already in the minority as most music is listened to via the MP3 format. A CD certainly sounds better than an MP3, just as a vinyl does, but it just lacks the infinitely superior convenience of the digital format. As internet gets faster and hard drives get bigger, even 320 MP3s(which I am totally fine with for 90% of my listening) will be replaced by larger more sonically accurate files like WAVs or FLAC, so eventually a CD will hold no sonic vantage point at all, and will simply be a relic that we once used to transfer digital files. A relic that is no longer NEEDED, but like I said, may be “cool to have” in the way vinyl is. I buy vinyls and limited versions of albums that I really like or really mean something to me…and stick to MP3 for the rest. Most people who listen to pop music only listen to singles anyway, and for that point most pop artists only really make singles anyway…the rest of the album is padding around the singles. Chances are if I hear some one hit wonder pop song I don’t really want or need the album. So the digital format is simply far more suited for the majority of peoples’ tastes. A killer full album is rare, and I think people know that.

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