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Theories – Regression


With their debut album Regression, released on the mighty Metal Blade Records, Theories flit between nurturing a warts’n’all grind aesthetic and hammering out some serious melodeath inspired songwriting. This shuffling betwixt styles is a gamble as it meshes two very unique genres. These Seattle grinders succeed in bettering previous attempts with a less than subtle amalgamation of violence and melody. Do they stack up against the current crop of artists, especially those also signed to Metal Blade? Yeah, they do. Does the album check the requisite boxes for becoming an all time classic debut? Not quite, but it still kicks ass.

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Hey! Listen To Southgate!


Simplicity is one of the most underrated aspects of music. Being able to take a minimal amount of sound and turn it into a fully-fledged experience is a true virtue, and it takes a lot of talent to pull it off well. Notable examples in this category include Russian Circles and Gojira– bands that both exemplify the writing skill necessary to set a great precedent of what can be done with incredibly simplistic arrangements.

Southgate pulls off this style with apparently relative ease. A combination of this simple sensibility and slightly-blackened melodic death metal, they manage to create a headbanging, pulsing rhythm while also invoking an almost naturalistic post-rock vibe. Tremolo-picked progressions lead the way through the tunes, occasionally letting either huge, atmospheric chords or punchy breakdown-esque riffs lead in their place.

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Hey! Listen To Trepalium!


These types of posts are normally reserved for young and upcoming acts but today is a little bit different. Trepalium have been plying their trade for more than a decade now and have some serious history in that they have supported their fellow countrymen (and envirometal messiahs) Gojira and also released albums through labels like Seasons Of Mist. You have to go back to 2012 for the last time we featured them here! Anyway, check a full album stream and some more words after the jump!

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Nick Schendzielos of Job For A Cowboy: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview


Job For A Cowboy are easily one of the most divisive bands out there. People constantly think of their beginnings as a MySpace-born deathcore band and fail to recognize the last string of releases in recent years. However, their newest effort is nothing like their first record, combining prog and death metal to create our Album Of The Year. A couple weeks before Sun Eater dropped, I got to speak with Nick Schendzielos, their bassist, about metal, the industry, and even Mudvayne.

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Sylosis – Dormant Heart

sylosis dormant heart

Every once in a blood moon a band comes along who stands on the shoulders of giants, embracing the traditional metal foundation built by bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica while  infusing a modern and original approach in style, content, and production values. Mastodon comes to mind, whose simpler riffs and classic flair would come off as derivative and boring in the context of any other band. There’s an intangible aura about them that gives their songs and aesthetic a limitless appeal. Gojira and Meshuggah both follow suit in their own way, dripping with an “it” factor; a charisma that cannot be taught. Enter the UK’s Sylosis, a band carving their niche into the annals of metal history with each successive album, slowly and patiently honing their craft with surgical precision. Their latest effort, Dormant Heart picks up right where Monolith left off, albeit with a more dynamic, concise, and exacting vision.

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Psycroptic Release “Echoes to Come” Video, Still Know How To Bring The Riff


Tasmanian technical death metal veterans Psycroptic are about to drop their self-titled album early next year and have decided to get the ball rolling now with a brand new music video! While it may be just a performance video at its core, the film quality helps recapture some of the low-budget videos that American death metal bands were releasing in the early-to-mid 90s. Check it out after the jump!

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Lotus Thief – Rervm

Lotus Thief - Rervm

With Post-black metal experiencing a kind of popular renaissance, the amount of bands either jumping on the genre bandwagon or being thrust into mainstream recognition is at an all time high, and to some the genre is reaching it’s saturation point. Writing Lotus Thief off as just another post-black metal band, however, would be a grave mistake. Elements of the genre certainly do exist on Rervm, their debut album, but serve as more of a creative launch point than a genre template or set of stylistic rules. This presents an album that’s as sprawling and varied as the story it tells, and one that seamlessly blends genres into a greater whole. The one constant are the ethereal, beautiful female vocals layered atop the varied instrumentation.

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Gojira’s The Link Alive Now Available On Bandcamp

Gojira - The Link Alive -Front
I’ve gotta say, my favorite Gojira stuff is their older material, namely The Link and Terra Incognita. Their live DVD The Link Alive where they played material from it is pretty great, but it was a rather limited pressing, and the audio CD version of it had only 500 copies made. Imagine my delight when I saw that they’ve uploaded this excellent live album for purchase and streaming on Listenable Records’s Bandcamp. It’sa great primer for older Gojira material for those not familiar with it.

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