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Hey! Listen To Aronious!


Sometimes it’s important to just go to Bandcamp and have a look around. In case you weren’t familiar, the site’s handy Discover feature allows users to browse trending music in various genres, from new releases to what’s selling the best at the moment. This week, I noticed a name on the Top Selling charts that I’ve never heard of before in Aronious after being drawn in by the album art for their debut EP, Truth in Perception.

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January started the year out with a lot of promise, with new releases from Indian, Alcest, and Periphery gaining quite a bit of attention around these parts. However, what floored us the most in the first four weeks of 2014 was the first-ever proper release from Chicago newcomers Warforged. Essence of the Land is an odyssey exploring death metal, black metal, and progressive metal influences that stunned a large number of the staff group. Opeth comes to mind with the band’s dynamic use of keyboards and acoustic guitars as cinematic gateways between stretches of technical riffing and powerfully melodic brutality, or perhaps Between the Buried and Me’s penchant for epic-length songwriting and weaving a larger picture over multiple tracks.

Essence Of The Land tells the twisted tale of a dread-inducing and brooding swamp and the unknown horrors that lie beneath its surface, making it one of those surprising death metal albums where the lyrics actually add a lot of atmosphere and weight to music. So much so, in fact, that the video accompaniment that provides visuals for ¾ of the EP contains the lyrics throughout, alongside footage of the band tearing through earth-shattering riffs.

At the heart of it, Warforged’s sound presents an assortment of progressive death metal influences that still manages to sound fresh and exciting, despite dredging the very bottom of the swampy sludge they strive to recreate. And honestly, what better way to start a new year than with a new band that are reinvigorating even one of the most well-trodden of sounds?

We spoke with the entirety of Warforged to not only get a look into the creation of one of 2014′s best releases, but to get a glimpse at what’s in store for the band’s future.

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fallujah in studio

Progressive and atmospheric death metallers Fallujahwho tied us over with the successful Nomadic EP last year — have taken up shop in Oakland’s Shark Bite Studios for the recording sessions for their sophomore full-length album. We’ve gotten a look at some studio footage, and by the looks of things, the band are quite possibly embracing the change seen on Nomadic and are ramping up on the atmosphere.

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Nergal - Behemoth

Coming in hot off a triumphant battle with Leukemia and having a hit on his hands with the acclaimed new album The Satanist, Behemoth frontman Adam Nergal Darski must be feeling more invincible than ever before. The outspoken musician has made plenty of controversial statements in the past, but of course he’s bound to say something that will ruffle someone’s feathers sooner rather than later. We’re not even a week past The Satanist‘s release date and we already have a polarizing statement out of Nergal as he shares his distaste for the United States death metal scene.

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Best in Brutality Tour 2014 Oceano Broken Hope

Not all tour packages are created equal. Some are better than others. Some are mixed. It happens, and for many of us, we need to plan accordingly. I live in the middle of nowhere and have to travel for hours to see a good show, so to catch many bands, I have to arrive late and leave early. The latest tour that I have on my calender marked with the tentative “AL;LE?” is the Broken Hope/Oceano co-headlining tour, which features Heavy Blog favorites Fallujah and Rivers of Nihil, who are worth the trip alone. The tour also features opening support from Kublai Khan, whom I have never heard of until now. I don’t think I’d be missing out on much, especially considering what kind of local bands this billing will draw.

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Warforged – Essence Of The Land


Essence Of The Land

01. Diabolical Being
02. Regurgitate
03. Phantoms In The Mist
04. Tainted Heart

[Total Deathcore]

The different timespans it takes for an album to really show all it’s colours can be quite interesting within the metal world. In a genre of music where intensity is the bottom line and the starting point for everything, it’s odd that some records can take a decent amount of time to unfurl all those gnarled and twisted roots that make up the basis of their sound. Slayer‘s Reign In Blood and Emperor‘s Prometheus are both timeless records, that embody this duality perfectly — both classics, whose nuances have been praised time and time again, but where one puts it all on the table instantly and rages for thirty minutes straight, the other twists and turns through idea after idea, never quite revealing everything.

Warforged‘s debut EP, Essence Of The Land, is a record that understands that quality perfectly.

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Some of you may know me as one of the photographers for Heavy Blog. I shoot shows in Philadelphia, NYC, and occasionally other places. Due to the thriving scenes on the east coast, almost every band I want to see tours around me. As I shot over 100 shows this year, I was exposed to a lot of different music. My opinion of a band’s music on an album changes for better or for worse when I see a band live. As this is the case, my top 20 list only consists of bands I did not see this year.

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brian shields

Disclaimer: I never know what it means when people say one band or one album is “better” than another.  There’s no giant scoreboard in the sky that gives Necrophagist 150,000 Awesomeness Points and Barry Manilow negative 2,000,000 points.  So for me these are the new releases (albums and EP’s) that brought me the most pleasure in 2013.  You can argue about what bands are best but you can’t argue with me about what brings me pleasure.  Chances are by this time next year I will be in love with a record from 2013 that’s not on this list because I wasn’t cool enough to know about it at the time.

Also I have two lists.  One is of more established bands, the ones that came out on larger labels or that have a national or international following.  The second is my “Great New Metal” bands, emerging acts that it’s my mission to help more people discover.

I hope you enjoy living in “The Golden Age of Metal” which I maintain is right fucking now!

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dr killjoy

Here it is folks, the end of another great year. 2013 has been a weird year for me, personally as well as musically. There have just been far too many good albums to come out this year and it’s been overwhelming. You could call 2013 the year of the comeback. A lot of the great old bands made their return like Black Sabbath and Gorguts. And there were also a lot of new great bands too who came out with some excellent stuff as well. Personally, this also marks a whole year since I started contributing to Heavy Blog Is Heavy. To be honest, I’d rather be nowhere else. All this music elitism makes this place feel like home.

First off, I’d like to thank all the guys at HBIH for being the best team to work with. Some of the funniest guys I’ve ever met with the most impeccable taste in music. I’d especially like to thank our Editor-In-Chief Jimmy (Alkahest) for giving me a chance to be a part of HBIH. This Indian dude got to give his opinion on music which some of you paid attention to. I’m humbled.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s start with what we’re here to see. The Top 15 Albums Of The Year! I chose to go with 15 because this year has been a wild one. I would’ve liked to go with the tried and tested pattern of Top 10, but there have been a lot of great albums to come out and it wouldn’t be fair to skip some of them. The choices on here are really, I think, what everyone should’ve given a shot this year. So, onward with the list, and here’s to a great 2014!

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tbdm 2013 tour

After waiting for the group to be through with Warped Tour, The Black Dahlia Murder fans are finally getting the North American headlining tour in support for their latest album Everblack. The band have just announced a tour through the USA and Canada featuring Skeletonwitch and Fallujah, with special guests Noisem and Wolvhammer on select dates. A+ lineup, that’s for sure.

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