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Singled Out (7/4 – 7/10): New Music From Soilwork, Scale The Summit, Coheed And Cambria, And More!

Singled Out 7-10

As we alluded to in our announcement last week, Heavy Blog is taking a step back from covering much of the day-to-day goings-on of the metal community at large, and this includes new tracks that bands drop. To be honest, we were pretty shoddy at best at covering new tracks like that in a timely manner anyway. That isn’t at all to say that we’re not still deeply interested in and invested in listening to new music as it comes out and giving our thoughts though. So in the interest of that, we’re starting up a new weekly column to round-up all of the singles and new tracks from the past week dropped by bands we cover. There may end up being some overlap between this and other posts from the week (Jimmy already gave his initial thoughts on the new Coheed and Cambria), but consider this our weekly mix to help keep you all on top of the latest releases from across the metallic and progressive spectrums. Ready? Let’s get singled out!

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Coheed And Cambria To Step Away From Amory Wars With The Color Before The Sun

coheed 2015

For years, I just didn’t “get” Coheed and Cambria. Their particular style provided an interesting crossover that pulled fans from pop-punk and prog rock, and I just couldn’t follow. I even once referred to them as “pseudo-prog” with 100% conviction. In hindsight, I attribute my distaste for them for feeling as though they “stole” drummer Chris Pennie from The Dillinger Escape Plan. Thankfully, I’ve since corrected the error of my ways, and I am currently one of “those” people who have a Keywork decal on my car.

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*prognotes – Arcane’s Known/Learned


Once upon a time, in the past of the blog, there was a series planned to be called *prognotes. The idea was to delve into a progressive metal album, known for their intricate lyrics and concept albums. This idea was never fully realized. The run it had was fantastic: analyzing the intricate works of Between the Buried and MeCoheed and Cambria and Obscura, it was fascinating and insightful glance into some of our favorite bands and the amount of time they spent on their writing.

So we’re bringing it back! We have a few albums lined up but we’ll be starting with what is perhaps the best progressive album to come out this yearArcane‘s Known/Learned. Written by the incomparable Jim Grey (Caligula’s Horse), it’s a wide ranging concept album the touches on issues of war, memory, family and time. We hope you enjoy reading our analysis of it; please feel free to sound off below with your own thoughts and recommendations for the next installements. Strap on your best time-travelling attire and let’s get going!

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Tool, Primus, and Coheed to Play Super Spooky One-Off Halloween Show


If you’re a fan of A+ music and will be anywhere in the vicinity of Tempe, Arizona this coming Hallowe’en, you’re probably going to want to snag up a ticket to Tool’s one-off show at Monster Mash Music Festival featuring opening acts Primus and Coheed and Cambria. You heard that right, Tool, Primus, and Coheed (plus others to be announced!), for one night only – and that night, of all nights, is Hallowe’en night! Spoooooky! More details after the jump.

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Coheed and Cambria Announce Short Run Of June Tour Dates

coheed blew it

Coheed and Cambria are approaching the three year mark since they’ve released what I would consider their opus of a double album, The Afterman. Naturally, the sheer amount of material the band dropped and the fact that two band members had children lent to a longer than usual gap between records. It’s not as if the band have been on hiatus since then, either: they’ve toured rather extensively, going as far as taking their trailblazing record, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth on the road in its entirety. We also know that the band are working on new music and have signed to a new management company (Jay Z‘s Roc Nation, no less), so I’d wager to bet that the band are preparing a new record for release within the next year or so.

In the mean time, the band are still sporadically hitting the road for live shows. Most recently, the band have announced a run of dates for June with emo quintet You Blew It! It’s crazy how Coheed’s sound lends itself to a variety of different touring opportunities. They can tour with prog/tech metal and emo/punk bands alike and just have everything make sense. Unfortunately, I’ve never considered myself a fan of Dashboard Confessional, so…

Get dates after the jump!

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PHOTOS: Coheed and Cambria, Thank You Scientist—October 5th, 2014 @ House of Blues, Chicago, IL


Having just wrapped up another special tour with Thank You Scientist, Coheed and Cambria will take a short rest before making another trek to dazzle audiences around the world. For this latest escapade, the band took stages across North America to play the entirety of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in all of its glory and wrapped up most shows with encores of up to five or six songs.

Please bask in the photos below to either live or relive a fantastic performance from two monumental modern progressive acts.

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Claudio Sanchez Shares Acoustic Version Of New Song, ‘Atlas’

coheed atlas

We might be a ways off from a new album from progressive alt rock group Coheed and Cambriathe latest estimate from the band places the work in progress record in mid-2015 — but that’s not stopping Coheed main man Claudio Sanchez from giving fans a glimpse of new material. Claudio has uploaded a video of himself performing a stripped-down version of a new song, ‘Atlas,’ named after his newborn son, to the band’s official YouTube channel. Check it out after the jump.

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Coheed and Cambria To Perform In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 In Its Entirety On Upcoming Tour

coheed and cambria silent earth 3 tour

That puzzling countdown that we encountered at Coheed and Cambria‘s website last week? As suspected, the countdown culminated in an announcement that Coheed and Cambria were returning to the road. But this isn’t just any tour; the group will be performing their album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in its entirety. Even better, they’re bringing along Heavy Blog favorites Thank You Scientist! Yes good!

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Coheed and Cambria Post Mysterious Countdown

coheed countdown
Let the speculations begin! Last night, Coheed and Cambria changed their website to one very mysterious page: a 19 and a half hour countdown towards…your guess is as good as ours. Following the incredible success that was The Afterman, one can only hope that this means we can expect a new album this year. However, knowing Coheed, this could be anything from another video to a comic book or any other sort of craziness.

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