Abrams – Morning

Watching a band unfold is one of the greatest pleasures in this world. When a debut album, or even several initial albums, only act as setups for future growth, any enjoyment you'd usually get from a great is magnified. The band's history and how far they've come acts as a kind of lens, magnifying already present excellence in the light of how far the band have come to get here. Abrams' third release, Morning, has such a lens. While their debut full length album, Lust. Love. Loss., was definitely a good release, it also lacked a unique signature to set Abrams above the progressive stoner fold. With Morning however, they have catapulted their song writing and personal touch, making the album not only great within its own right but also a landmark in the band's narrative.

Come Dream In Static With Earthside’s New Video

Earthside remind us of what finesse in progressive metal looks like. Their 2015 A Dream in Static was a perfect exercise in sincerity and musical integrity, revolving on varied vocal guest spots, sprawling compositions and flawless execution. Needless to say, it's truly a superb album. Thus, we'll take any reminder we can get of it, especially if that reminder comes in the form of an astonishingly excellent video from the always excellent Erez Bader (Silent Flight Productions). In charge of excellent music videos for The Dear Hunter ("Gloria"), Thomas Giles ("Devotion") and Wings Denied ("Catalyst"), Bader is a singular producer in the music video industry (and beyond). Together with Earthside's powerful lyrics, assisted by one Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT), he has produced a convincing and striking music video, steeped in its own myth and symbolical meaning.

Credit Where It’s Due: Wings Denied’s Voyager Is A Big Step Up

When I reviewed Wings Denied's debut album, Mirrors For a Prince, I was a bit underwhelmed. On the face of it, this was an album I should enjoyed much more. It had clean vocals with plenty of punch, interesting ideas and an overall pleasing vibe. However, something about it just didn't click for me and I expounded on what that was in my review. However, I also closed it off by saying that we would keep our ears open for their next release, as the basic foundations of a great release were there, just unrealised. A month and a half ago, the band released Voyager and I was nowhere to be found. I could blame a few people but why waste time on such irrelevant things? I'm here today to fix the mistake of my silence and tell you that Voyager is everything that I wanted the previous release to be.