Into the Pit: Thrash Metal Mailbag

Hello fellow pit-sters! This month, I thought we could do something a little different. You all know I’ve been playing fast and loose with the schedule of this column, and August will be no different! Fellow thrash Josh Bulleid and I thought we’d introduce ourselves to you all a little…

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Roadkiller – Roadkiller

Good thrash metal is a lot of things. It’s aggressive and combative. It’s in your face with the attitude. The music is bombastic and often extremely fun music to listen to. The best thrash should make you want to stand up for your rights, flip police cars, and take on…

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Rainfalls Streaming “This Is A Revolution”

It’s time again for more exclusive content courtesy of your favourite meme Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Glasgow’s Rainfalls play a game of aggressive and progressive hardcore and, in this game, they are Charlie Sheen levels of winning. We’ve featured them before with their fantastic Four Seasons EP but this new…

The Rotted – Ad Nauseam

The Rotted Ad Nauseam   01. Anarchogram Sun 02. Rex Oblivione 03. Surrounded By Skulls 04. Non Serviam 05. Just Add Nauseam 06. Entering The Arena Of The Unwell 07. The House Of Bedlam 08. Apathy In The UK 09. Motorbastards 10. The Hammer Of Witches 11. Put Me Out…