It’s time again for more exclusive content courtesy of your favourite meme Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Glasgow’s Rainfalls play a game of aggressive and progressive hardcore and, in this game, they are Charlie Sheen levels of winning. We’ve featured them before with their fantastic Four Seasons EP but this new material is infinitely more jammin’. Don’t fuck about, listen to “This Is A Revolution” from their incoming slobberknocker of a release, III. 

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Rammed with the kind of politically charged gusto that The Sex Pistols tried to bottle and bursting at the seams with a hostility made famous by Frank Carter era Gallows, “This Is A Revolution” bangs. It’s the last thing you’d expect from a track that opens with a poignant, playful spoken word by language anarchists The Eagertongue. It’s the type of hardcore that pushes the boat out way further than necessary, just to see how deep it can go. This isn’t to say that the band aren’t aiming to smash some heads in the process. The big tempo shift halfway through will snap necks and the final, feedback soaked moments are audio ecstasy for those of the dirty, sweaty riff inclination. Peep that bass tone too. Filth.

Rainfalls will drop III on August 12th to coincide with their release party atThe Garage Attic in Glasgow. It’s gonna be a sticky and suspiciously sexual evening. Honestly, don’t fuck about. Join the revolution, fools.


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